White Line Technology and innovation for the home

White Line Technology and innovation for the home

San Pedro Sula, Honduras.

Choosing the right white line is essential because this device makes household chores easier due to its technology, innovation and multiple functionality.

Within its innovation, it highlights those Inverter technology, available in the refrigerators, which allow to reduce the consumption of electrical energy and whose improved cooling systems preserve the freshness of the food; In addition, they have avant-garde designs in the latest models.

To make it easier to find this and other devices, Jetstereo offers JetHomea variety of product categories: refrigerators, stoves, washing machines, dryers, air conditioners, freezers and small appliances.

You can find these products from well-known brands such as Mabe, Frigidaire, LG, Samsung and others at Jetstereo and Jetstereo Express at national level. They are also available for online purchases on Jetstereo.com with a credit option in a 100% digital process.

Choosing between this variety of products, brands and models can be difficult for most users. Jetstereo has them expert advicewhich guides them to the different specifications and technologies according to the needs and budget of each customer.

And for updates, installations, revisions and repairs in optimal response and delivery times, Jetstereo offers customers guaranteed support through its two service centers at national level.

Mabe Top Mount 10′ Fridge

With its platinum 10ft top mount style, this unit includes Home Energy Saver technology that saves energy and ensures better food preservation thanks to the R600 cooling system. No frost system.

Frigidaire 18′ side by side refrigerator

The style of this fridge is side by side with inverter compressor for more energy efficiency. Thanks to the quick cooling function, it chills food and drinks in a shorter time and the quick freezing function

Samsung 22′ French Door Fridge

Its appearance is sleek and its minimalist design is clean and modern so it won’t clash with your current appliances and cabinets. It features striking looking flat doors and recessed handles that don’t protrude or get in the way.

Frigidaire electric stove

This electric ceramic hob has flexible elements that can be expanded to meet your cooking needs, large or small. Includes Store-More™ storage drawer and Warm Zone area to keep food warm.

Samsung gas stove

When you need to save time in the kitchen, this stove features a rapid burner that allows for faster cooking and easily adjustable temperature controls. Turn the dial to quickly switch from a high temperature to a low temperature.

Frigidaire 16KG washing machine

This impressive washing machine has a capacity of 16 kg with 12 wash cycles. It has an integrated auto-clean dispenser with Jet & Clean technology, a lint filter, a stainless steel tray and a multi-dispenser with perfect dilution.

Kalley 7′ Freezer

This excellent size horizontal freezer is ideal for preserving, refrigerating, freezing and crystallizing food according to your needs. The freezer also features D-TYPE technology with D-shaped tubes to create better cooling.

domestic appliances

They’re small but big on providing solutions that make your home more efficient. Learn about these appliances like: blenders, coffee makers, blenders, toasters, irons, air fryers, microwaves, ovens, water dispensers, etc. Make sure you choose the one that best suits your needs.