What about 4G and 5G technology in Colombia?

What about 4G and 5G technology in Colombia?

In the middle of “Bicentennial Colombia – United States” Summit hosted by the Colombo-American Chamber of Commerce (Amchan), The 5G technology in the country was discussed and how these digital services favor economic development and sustainable growth.

As indicated by the Minister of Information Technology and Communications (ICT), Carmen Ligia Valderrama“The framework for this conversation is very important so that the national government and especially the Department of Technology can share this progress.”

According to the government, there were 2018 and 29 million connections in the country “We can already tell the country today that we will already have 44 million connections by 2021. This means that this year we will undoubtedly have more than 45 million connections,” assured Valderrama.

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On the other hand, the official assured that 4G technology has made progress in Colombia, although this is not enough, “Because in 2018, for example, at rural level we had 9.7% 4G connectivity“.

He stated that by 2025 Colombia will have 80% rural 4G connectivity. “This is quality for people, this is efficiency in technology and this number shows how we are progressing at an important technological level.“.

5G technology

As shown The ICT Minister is carrying out pilot projects for 5G technology and he stressed that there are 50 real points, which are fully successful outcomes, where “we are extending the times so that they have more opportunities among so many, the permanent policy is consolidated”.

“We will leave the updated regulation and the decree is about to be issued where the special frequency space has been opened for this technology 5G can flow… we join forces so that they reach Colombia“, he added.

Colombia 4.0

From May 5th to 7th in Bogotá the largest technology event will take place, where video games, animation, digital content and software are open to all interested Colombians.

At the “Colombia 4.0” event, experts such as Andrea Fernández, the Chilean art director of the Cuphead Show, was recognized for her experience involved in major animation projects and will participate in the animation track, in addition to Alex Fernández, CEO of Streamline Media, an expert on Metaverse.

Entrepreneurs from the technology sector will take part in the track Silvina Moschini, executive producer of Unicorn Hunters and CEO of She Works, an Argentine businesswoman recognized in the technology sector as the first Latino woman to lead Transparent Business to “unicorn” status.

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This year the event revolves around animation, video games and advances in digital governanceSustainability, fintech, entrepreneurship, innovation 4.0, media and digital skills.

“Registration for Colombia 4.0 is open and free,” concluded the minister. People wishing to register can do so via the following link: https://registro.col40.co/