Unisc opens registrations for the Vestibular d’Inverno this Wednesday – GAZ – Notícias de Santa Cruz do Sul e Region

Unisc opens registrations for the Vestibular d’Inverno this Wednesday – GAZ – Notícias de Santa Cruz do Sul e Region

The University of Santa Cruz do Sul (Unisc) opens registration for the Vestibular Winter 2022 on Wednesday 20, with vacancies for courses on the campuses of Santa Cruz do Sul, Capão da Canoa, Montenegro, Sobradinho and Venâncio Aires. Applications can be submitted until June 20, at the address university site. The test is scheduled for June 25, starting at 2.30 pm, on all campuses.

The selection method provides for the possibility of using the grade of the essay of the National Exam of Scientific High School (Enem), as well as the grade of the essay of the Unisc admission exam. The selection process for Medicine consists of a proficiency test in Portuguese – writing – and 45 objective questions distributed in the following areas: Languages, codes and their technologies; Natural sciences and their technologies; Human sciences and their technologies; and Mathematics and its technologies.

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The registration fee is R $ 30.00. Candidates who use the score of the Enem essay or the Unisc admission test are entitled to exemption. For Medicine, the registration fee is R $ 150.00 and the test will only take place at the Santa Cruz do Sul campus.

The list of classified candidates will be made available on the website and to the media within two working days of the start of the selection procedure. As for Medicine, the information will be at 3 pm on June 29th.

Courses offered:

Santa Cruz do Sul

  • Administration (Night)
  • Agronomy
  • Biomedicine (afternoon / evening)
  • Bachelor of Biological Sciences (Night)
  • Degree in Biological Sciences (Nocturnal)
  • IT (night)
  • Accounting Sciences (Night)
  • Economics (night)
  • Bachelor of Computer Science (Night)
  • Right (night)
  • Physical education
  • Nursing (afternoon / night)
  • Civil Engineering (Night)
  • Computer Engineering (Night)
  • Manufacturing Engineering (night)
  • Mechanical Engineering (Night)
  • Pharmacy (afternoon / evening)
  • Bachelor of Physics (Night)
  • Physiotherapy (afternoon / evening)
  • Degree in Geography – Night
  • Graduation story (night)
  • Portuguese Graduation Letters (Night)
  • Portuguese / English Graduation Letters (Night)
  • Bachelor of Mathematics (Night)
  • Medicine (morning / afternoon / evening)
  • Nutrition (Night)
  • Pedagogy License (Night)
  • Psychology (night)
  • Bachelor of Chemistry (Nocturnal)
  • International Relations (Night)
  • Tech in Aesthetics and Cosmetics (Afternoon / Evening)
  • Tech in Gastronomy (Night)

Canoe capon


  • Management
  • Accounting Sciences
  • Right (night)
  • Psychology (night)

terraced house

Venancio Aires

  • Management
  • Right (night)


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