Undergraduate Scholarships at Oklahoma State University

Undergraduate Scholarships at Oklahoma State University

Oklahoma State University in the United States offers undergraduate scholarships of US $ 4,000 to US $ 10,000 per academic year for international students with suitable qualifications. All are automatically considered for scholarships at the time of graduation application; no additional registration is required.

Oklahoma State University

THE Oklahoma State University has five campuses across the state. The main one is in Stillwater, voted one of the top five student cities in the United States, 60 miles from Oklahoma City and Tulsa.

The OSU is renowned for several reasons, including its health and engineering courses and its online learning school, which is voted the fifth best in the country. Students from all over the world can complete OSU certificates, bachelor’s and bachelor’s degrees from anywhere in the world.

For those who choose to study face-to-face, although it is a truly huge university, it maintains a student-faculty ratio of 20 students in order to provide individual attention and nurture a welcoming university community.

The social life of the USO is hectic. It has one of the largest student unions in the country, with shops, cafeteria, services and much more, including a hotel. Additionally, there are more than 500 student organizations and 14 men’s and women’s sports teams that regularly participate in competitions.

Oklahoma State University Scholarships

The university awards more than $ 320 million in scholarships and financial support annually. Among these, there are specific options for international undergraduate students, both for those applying for the first year (freshman) as to who requests the transfer (transfer).

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1. First year of graduation

The value of the International Achievement Freshman Scholarship, from US $ 4,000 to US $ 10,000, varies according to the needs of the students:

requirements Value
One of these minimum scores: 8.5 on IELTS, 115-120 on TOEFL iBT, 30 on ACT, or 1360 on SAT
GPA: 3.25
$ 10,000 per year ($ 40,000 total)
One of these minimum scores: 8.0 on IELTS, 110-114 on TOEFL iBT, 29 on ACT, or 1330-1350 on SAT
GPA: 3.25
$ 9,000 per year ($ 36,000 total)
One of these minimum scores: IELTS 7.5, TOEFL iBT 102-109, ACT 28 or SAT 1300-1320
GPA: 3.25
$ 8,000 per year ($ 32,000 total)
One of these minimum scores: IELTS 7.0, TOEFL iBT 94-101, ACT 27 or SAT 1260-1290
GPA: 3.25
$ 7,000 per year ($ 28,000 total)
One of these minimum scores: 6.5 on IELTS, 79-93 on TOEFL iBT, 26 on ACT, or 1360-1250 on SAT
GPA: 3.25
$ 6,000 per year ($ 32,000 total)
One of these minimum scores: IELTS 6.0, TOEFL iBT 61-78, ACT 24-25, or SAT 1160-1220
GPA: 3.25
$ 4,000 per year ($ 16,000 total)

2. Transfer

If you are applying to OSU as a transfer student, you can apply Scholarship for international transfer. The scholarship is worth US $ 10,000 for the last two years of graduation – US $ 5,000 per year.

To apply, you must have 24 transferable hours of a bachelor’s degree and a GPA of 3.25.

How to compete?

To apply for the international scholarships listed above, you must apply for a degree from Oklahoma State University.

There are options in aviation, education, agriculture, health and medicine, architecture, engineering, math and technology, art, design, music, theater, natural science, business, hospitality, preparatory law (before the law), communication, literature, social sciences and humanities.

Each of these courses has different criteria for student selection, so we recommend that you contact Oklahoma State University to see what you need to do to be eligible for admission.