Ukrainian space exploration startup offers technology for military purposes

Ukrainian space exploration startup offers technology for military purposes

Kyiv-based startup Lunar Research Service is providing technology and human capital to the Ukrainian military to fight the Russian invasion

the company of space technology Ukrainian Lunar Research Service postponed his plans to leave moon to volunteer their technology and fight against Russia; However, the dream of his trip to the moon does not completely dissolve.

With only three years of existence, this young company based in Kyiv He has dabbled in a variety of space projects. The company has flown space teams in stratospheric balloons to test their performance; built nanosatellites and developed technology that would help rover (reconnaissance vehicles) to survive at low temperatures on the moon.

On February 24, however, the last Russian tanks arrived Ukraine to begin their military invasion.

Consequently, the priorities are these beginning They changed from day to day. The first batch of nanosatellites to be shipped to sponsor customers was disassembled; and later the resulting components were sent to the Ukrainian army for the manufacture of weapons.

In this regard, Dmytro Khmara, Technology Director of the Lunar Exploration Service, highlighted:

The first days of the war were mostly a shock. We quickly realized that it was not possible to continue as usual. We have ceased production and made every effort to meet the needs of our military“.

In that sense, the beginning donated nearly 17,000 satellite batteries to the Ukrainian military to power flashlights, radio transmitters and other devices. Likewise, the long-range communication modules with GPS sensors that the beginning used in their stratospheric balloons, replacing Chinese technology in the drones Ukrainian military to reduce the risk of interception.

Nationalism through Technology

On the other hand, part of the staff is the beginning also joined the Ukrainian Cyber ​​and Territorial Defense Forces; offer their skills to protect the virtual security of the attacked country.

That 3D printer of the company that previously produced fragments of the kits of nanosatellites, received new orders and now produces parts for periscopes and weapon upgrades.

The defense of our country is a priority. Everyone must do everything possible to overcome this injustice and lead Ukraine to victory.Added Khmera.


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