Ukraine completes EU entry questionnaire – Invasion of Ukraine

Ukraine completes EU entry questionnaire – Invasion of Ukraine

Ukraine has already completed the first phase of the EU accession process, according to an announcement on Monday by the Ukrainian president’s office.

“Today I can say that the document has already been completed on the Ukrainian side,” said Ihor Zhovkva, head of the Ukrainian presidential office, in comments broadcast by Ukrainian public television and quoted by Reuters. “We hope the recommendation … is positive and now the ball is in the member states’ court.”

This Ukrainian official also added that he hopes Ukraine will obtain the status of a candidate country to join the European Union in June, during the scheduled meeting of the European Council, scheduled for June 23-24.

The questionnaire was delivered by Ursula von der Leyen, President of the European Commission, directly to Volodymyr Zelinksky during his visit to Ukraine on 8 April. At that time, the Ukrainian leader stated that Ukraine intends to expedite the completion of this questionnaire.

From Brussels, promises were also made to speed up examination of the document. “It wouldn’t be a matter of years, as usual, to form that opinion, but I think it would take weeks,” von der Leyen said at the time.

The war in Ukraine is heading towards the two-month mark. Russia advanced into Ukrainian territory in the early hours of February 24, after long weeks of strengthening military forces in the border areas.

The international community strongly criticized Russia and, in parallel, issued severe sanctions aimed at destabilizing the Russian economy. According to Moody’s, Russia has already entered a “default” state. On Friday, the agency said it believed the country led by Vladimir Putin had defaulted as it paid sovereign debt bonds in rubles instead of dollars on April 4, which “changes the payment terms of the original contracts and can therefore be considered default.”