UFPB Agricultural Sciences Center offers 76 vacancies in a preparatory course for Enem – FEDERAL GOVERNMENT UNIVERSIDADE FEDERAL DA PARAÍBA

UFPB Agricultural Sciences Center offers 76 vacancies in a preparatory course for Enem – FEDERAL GOVERNMENT UNIVERSIDADE FEDERAL DA PARAÍBA

Photo: Oriel Farias

The Federal University of Paraíba (UFPB), through the Center of Agricultural Sciences (CCA), has started registration for the preparatory course for the National High School Exam (Enem). The action is aimed at people in socio-economic vulnerability who have already completed or are attending the 3rd year of high school and intend to support Enem.

To participate, interested parties must register, by April 29, through a electronic module. At the time of registration, a questionnaire is required to be answered with some data that will be used as a selection criterion and / or tiebreaker, if the number of candidates is greater than the number of vacant places.

76 jobs are offered. The amount has been reduced by half, compared to previous editions, due to the distance recommended by the Campus II Biosafety Commission in the context of the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic.

Classes will be held in person at the Central de Aulas (Prédio da Mata) of the UFPB Campus II, in Areia, and will take place during the night shift, from 19:00 to 22:10, from Monday to Friday.

The inaugural lesson of the project, which will welcome the students, will take place on May 2nd. The preparatory lessons will start on May 3 and will continue until November, when the exam will take place.

Coordinated by prof. Djail Santos, from the Department of Soils and Rural Engineering, the ACC’s “Pre-Community Enem” course is an opportunity to integrate knowledge. It provides an environment, trained human resources, study material and content knowledge specifically required for the Enem.

In this way, as explained by prof. Djail, the project is an important tool, whose proposal is to improve student performance, through objectives such as encouraging students to develop concentration and discipline in their studies and improve student performance, preparing them for the Enem which, together with Sisu it is the gateway to the public university.

Also according to the teacher, the action offers students the opportunity to experience the university environment, since pre-university students will be able to interact with fellows and volunteers of the project, thus getting to know the UFPB and its courses, in particular those offered in the campus II. .

“The project represents an important moment of interaction between the University and the communities surrounding the campus, as well as providing the experience of extension and teaching experience to the students of the CCA degree courses, awakening vocations for teaching knowledge of reality local ”, highlighted the professor.

This year the project celebrates its 18th year of activity. It has received support from the UFPB Rectory since its creation in 2005 and collaborates with municipal governments, which provide transportation for students in Areia and Remígio.

The professors of the team are: Ana Márcia Targino de Oliveira (Grammar), Arthur de Oliveira Soares (Physics), Elissandra Alvares Chiberio (Sociology), Gabriel Soares Araújo (Mathematics), Kelliny Pereira de Pádua (Writing), Josielma Pereira Leal (Biology ), Karolina Rosa Rodrigues de Morais (Chemistry), Leticia Iasminy Jacinto Lima (Spanish), Natan Luis Rodrigues da Silva (English), Nathan Schineider Ferreira Lopes (Literature), Thays Maia de Sousa Marques (History) and Vitória Araújo Costa (Geography ). The fellows of the project assist in the general coordination of the preparatory course: Aline Feliciano Martins and Adonis Firmino de Assis Pereira. Pedagogical supervision is by Lucimere de Souza Oliveira.

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Photo: Oriel Farias / Disclosure