They summoned a man from Corrientes to work on the application of the satellite technology

They summoned a man from Corrientes to work on the application of the satellite technology

Damián Borgo, an engineer from Corrientes, was invited to work on the application of satellite technology by Invap, the only Latin American company recognized by NASA, for his excellence in a professional internship.

The young man, a native of Mocoretá, recently graduated with a degree in Electrical Engineering from the Faculty of Exact and Natural Sciences and Surveying (Facena) at the National University of the Northeast.

The academic entity has an agreement with Invap to carry out virtual professional practice internships as the company is based in Bariloche.

It all started with his performance in the Communication Systems department as a fifth year student, from where Damián received the offer to become one of the two Unne interns working with Invap.

The teacher in charge of the room, Juan Ángel Chiozza, invited him to present his work initiative to the high-tech company.

“Damián was the first Unne student to carry out the internship project,” he explained in dialogue with Diario El Litoral.

There he worked on analyzing the radars of the Saocom 1A and 1B satellites, which capture high-frequency images that require specialization for their interpretation and use of data.

“He focused his study on the detection of water levels by these radars, which require the use of updated software,” Chiozza specified.

The central goal of the Saocom earth observation satellites is the measurement of soil moisture and applications in emergencies, such as e.g. B. Detection of hydrocarbon pollution in the sea and monitoring of water cover during floods.

Its main applications are aimed at agriculture (a joint project with the National Institute of Agricultural Technology) and the third at hydrology (a joint project with the National Institute of Water).

Damián’s last job led him to a position in Analysis and Complex Systems in the engineering department of the internationally renowned company.

The young engineer commented that before joining Invap he had an in-person interview and also conducted an assessment workshop. At the same time, in March, he attended a factory tour meeting where he was able to join the new members of the company.

Although he immediately accepted the proposal that today leads him to settle in Bariloche, he confessed: “I never thought that I would achieve something so important in my career.”

About Invap

Invap is considered a large technology company. It is the most prestigious in Latin America in its field and the only one recognized by NASA.

Since its inception, it has gained a reputation for developing and supplying systems for nuclear reactors and radioisotope production.

Since the late 1990s, the company has also ventured into the aerospace industry, particularly through the design, construction and operation of satellites and radars.

Its headquarters are in the city of San Carlos de Bariloche, where it has its offices with its administrative and design teams, workshops, laboratories, logistic services and satellite integration rooms.

Due to the internationality of the projects carried out, its engineers and professionals work in different places around the world.