There is a bad start for Economy Minister Marques Mendes

There is a bad start for Economy Minister Marques Mendes

new government

  1. The discussion about the government’s program was a walk for the prime minister. Antonio Costa looked free and well prepared. The opposition is in what it is: the PCP and BE are still dumbfounded by an absolute majority; PSD does not exist at the moment; Chega created a figure for the exhibition; It must be admitted that IL is the only party that touched on the basic aspects.

  1. In essence, part of the discussion was marked by the announcement of a “package” of measures to combat price hikes. Two things must be said:
  2. Or not: It’s about time. We needed a specific set of actions. All measurements appear correct and in the right direction: Fight high energy prices, support vulnerable businesses and families.
  3. Second: These measures are necessary, but they do not solve all the problems of rising prices of raw materials. Example: recovery and resilience plan. It would be impossible to achieve this, making all the investments planned until 2026. Of two, one: either Brussels extends the deadlines or Portugal and other countries will lose their money from the bazooka.

  1. Finally, there is Bad start for the Minister of Economy in the announcement of a new tax on companies. The The minister shows inconsistency and unpreparedness and is wrong. Contradiction because in 2018, Costa Silva said: “The anti-corporate and anti-profit policy does not create friendly conditions for the development of the country“. Prepare below. A tax that has not yet been studied has not yet been announced. Example: How do you determine what profits are exaggerated? distance, The minister is wrong: there are too many taxes. Portugal, after Malta, is the second country in the European Union with the highest corporate taxes. What needs to be done is to ensure that the high profits are reinvested. that promotes new investment. This should be the priority.

Why are we superior in the European Union?

  1. The debate over the government’s program was marked by the overtaking of the Portugal issue in per capita GDP rankings by many countries in the East.. Knowing why we lost is as important as realizing that we are losing. noThe past five years have passed us by four countries: in 2017, Estonia and Lithuania; In 2021, by Poland and Hungary. But what do these countries have over Portugal after all? Where are they better than us? Let’s look at four main indicators:

  • exports: in Portugal, The weight of exports in GDP is 42%. (2021 results). in Poland 60.9% in Hungary It is 81.3%.
  • IRC . rate: In Portugal, the maximum corporate income tax rate (including surcharges) is 31.5%. in Poland 19%; In Hungary the proportion is 10.8%.
  • qualifications: In Portugal, only 55% of the population has at least a secondary education. In Poland this indicator is 93.2%; In Hungary 85.6%.
  • productivity: Portugal’s productivity is only 73% of the European average. the same value in Hungary; But productivity in Poland is 84% ​​higher.
  • Honestly, that was the debate we should have had in Portugal. What do we do to improve our indicators?

  1. However, regarding regions of the country, the latest known data (2020) has somewhat troubling conclusions.:

  • Five of the seven regions in Portugal have a GDP of less than 74%; That is lower than the national average compared to the European Union.
  • richest region Lisbon and the Tagus Valley fell, already below the European average. In 2019 it was the only region above the EU average.
  • The northern region remains the poorest region in Portugal.

French elections

  1. Macron is likely to win this presidential election. But it won’t be a trip like last time. For French public opinion, Macron is not what he was in 2017. Nor is Marine Le Pen.

  • Or not: Marine Le Pen benefited from Mr. beep to moderate. She, who is on the far right, now looks moderate.
  • a second: In a marketing ploy, Le Pen gave up The traditional themes of the French far right (Immigration and Islam), To focus on what interests the French: the rising cost of living.
  • third: I managed to avoid contamination by Putin. It is she who enjoys long-term and strong relations with the Russian President.
  • Finally, and most importantly, Macron no longer has the effect of novelty and freshness that he had in 2017. Today he is seen as the head of the elites, far from the people. Nor does the lack of results in its investigations into the war in Ukraine help..

  1. This election is important for France. But it is also essential for the European Union. A Marine Le Pen victory will ultimately be worse for the EU than Brexit. Marine Le Pen will be a true Trojan horse within the European Union.

  • Putin wins Orban’s victory in Hungary. But Hungary is Hungary. It has its weight in the European Union.
  • France is France. So Marine Le Pen Putin wins. Yes sure, It is a nightmare for the European Union. at that time, Marine Le Pen will undermine the European Union and Putin will achieve his big goal: divide and rule.

Zelensky in Portugal

  1. As expected, President Zelensky will address AR. At first, a week after Easter. It is not new, because he has participated in many parliaments, in Europe and abroad. But it has political significance. It is an opportunity for the Portuguese people, through their representatives, to express their solidarity with the Ukrainian people..

  1. As was also expected, The PCP voted against this initiative. The party has this right too. But there are three issues that have a significant impact on the behavior of PCP:

  • Or not: That the Communist Party of Pakistan still lacks the courage to condemn Russia as the aggressor state of Ukraine. The truth is: There is an aggressor and an aggressor. By not condemning the aggression, the Communist Party of Pakistan makes a pact with Russia.
  • a second: That a party like the People’s Congress that fought Salazar’s dictatorship also doesn’t have the fortitude to fight Putin’s dictatorship.. Putin is a dictator and a criminal.
  • third: The PCP maintains this behavior even after the brutal photos that prove war crimes in Ukraine. This is no longer just the ideological obstinacy of the Popular Congress Party. It’s also political sensitivity.

state of war

  1. Russia has already lost this war politically. It is isolated, and has the most powerful EU and NATO countries strengthened and closer to its borders, with Sweden and Finland joining in. But from a military point of view, suspicion is also established: Will Russia really win the war? Initially, a month and a half agoalmost no one had any doubts: David was against Goliath. Russia will triumph in the end, without resumption or aggravation. Now, doubt began to appear.. The facts are fueled by: Russia has not achieved any victory so far and the Ukrainian resistance Ukraine is very motivated.

  1. However, there are some facts gained:

  • Russia withdrew from Kyiv. The next big battle is in the Donbass (east). It will be tough and ugly fights. For Russia, despair means destruction.
  • According to Macron, Russia wants to celebrate victory on May 9. May 9, 1945 was the day of the surrender of Nazi Germany, which the Russians provoked with huge military parades.
  • The Russian goal is not easy to achieve. Militarily, Ukraine is stronger than it was at the beginning of the war in the face of reinforcements from the West.
  • The West is “march” to Kyiv to support Ukraine after the neighboring countries, it was the turn of the European Commission and the British Prime Minister. Europe came to believe in the victory of the war.
  • A ‘miracle’ in the EU: A month ago the EU was reluctant to enter Ukraine. Now it is a priority. The big change is due to the strength of public opinion.
  • Tougher sanctions, but without cutting off Russian gas. This is a major weakness of the European Union: it condemns the war, but helps finance it by buying Russian gas.
  • Russia’s Exit from the UN Commission on Human Rights: CPLP completely split. Only Portugal and East Timor voted for

The future of the PSD

  1. The future of the PSD depends on the leadership of one of these two men: Louis Montenegro or Jorge Moreira da Silva. They are two quality politicians. Luis Montenegro formally submitted his candidacy. In a statement of clarity and ambition: strategic clarity and ambition in goals. Jorge Moreira da Silva Should go ahead next week.

  1. New leadership is badly needed. The PSD is literally in the Autonomous Administration. A new leader is needed to put order in the house. This week, in the debate on the government’s program, there were critical errors:

  • first mistake: Rui Rio started out as “Bandarilhado” to Antonio Costa. Whoever leaves should not be the hero of the discussion. Rio should be careful and leave the leadership role to its parliamentary leader, Paulo Mota Pinto.
  • second error: The government wants more corporate taxes. The nature of the tax is not yet known, but Rui Ryu soon agreed with the government. Another mistake. So isn’t it the PSD that advocates lowering corporate taxes? The general perception is that this is all a contradiction.
  • Mistake #3: Rep. Monica Quintella remarks: “We should have let the civil servants and everyone else not get paid…a month, two months. They knew, PS knew.” As long as such statements are made, the PSD will not win the elections again. PSD seems to be really free.