The UFPA project promotes Education for Democracy in public schools in the metropolitan region of Belém and on the Internet

The UFPA project promotes Education for Democracy in public schools in the metropolitan region of Belém and on the Internet

Democracy Education Project

The project “Education for Democracy: teaching the basic guidelines of constitutional law in public schools as a tool for promoting citizenship” aims to operate in the public school system, incorporating issues that contribute to the qualitative consolidation of democratic culture through education. The initiative is by the Faculty of Law – Institute of Legal Sciences (FAD / ICJ), Federal University of Pará (UFPA), in order to stimulate citizens’ awareness of the rights and guarantees inherent in the democratic state of law, and popular participation institutions.

Created in 2018, the project, which only worked online due to the pandemic, is once again being realized in person with actions to be carried out directly in the public schools of Belém. In social networks he worked intensively on training for democracy, interacting with more than four hundred students from state institutions.

“During the pandemic, we were challenged to transfer our actions face-to-face in the virtual format and we became present on social networks with content from Instagram posts, podcasts on Spotify and, now, with videos on YouTube,” explains the coordinator. Luiz Alberto Rocha, FAD professor.

Educational DemocracyThe recently launched YouTube channel is a product of the Technical Cooperation Agreement signed with the 4th, 5th, 6th and 10th Prosecutor of Justice for Children and Youth of the Public Ministry of the State of Pará – MPPA, with which the project was carried out jointly. , last year, the 1st Training Course for Extensionists, in a totally virtual form, with the support of the Dean of Extension – PROEX and the Nucleo of Innovation and Technologies Applied to Education and Extension – NITAE, having achieved more than 300 students of Law, Courses of Pedagogy, Psychology, Social Assistance and Tourism at UFPA

The videos, duly authorized by the speakers, are published on the YouTube channel of the Education for Democracy Project as a methodology for lifelong learning on the protection of children and young people. The speakers are professors of Direto / UFPA, MPPA Prosecutor’s Office and also the multidisciplinary team of the Prosecutor’s Office for Children and Youth.

Expanding access – According to the coordinator, the project was born from a need identified in the classroom, when most of the students who attended the UFPA Law course had little knowledge or difficulty in understanding constitutional law. “Of course, by identifying this gap, in the Faculty itself, we tried to remedy these difficulties, but then questions such as: And the people who attend other faculties? And the many who do not even access higher education, how is their knowledge of citizens’ rights? “.

The project will return to operation in public high schools in the metropolitan region of Belém starting next May. The general public interested in the topic, which is very important especially in an election year, can follow the educational contents for democracy produced through the project on social networks.


“Education for Democracy Years 05 and 06: teaching the fundamental guidelines of Constitutional Law”



Youtube channel.

Free for all audiences.

Text: Jessica Souza – UFPA Institutional Communication Advisor
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