The Technology Behind Live Casino Games |  news

The Technology Behind Live Casino Games | news

Any lover of online games will know that nowadays many platforms offer the opportunity to participate in them Live Online Games. It is a type of experience that offers the user the same sensations that a physical establishment can offer, but with the simplicity and comfort of participating from the comfort of your own home.

In this sense, more and more platforms are allowing to play online in this way, but how is it possible? Obviously it is The technology the one who makes all this come true. Therefore, below we will analyze the different methods that allow you to participate in live sessions with the necessary security.


One of the crucial elements are the cameras that the casino uses to broadcast the game live. Depending on the game, the number of cameras and the angles offered may vary.

The devices selected for this type of retransmission are always high resolution, so it is imperative to use the most advanced technology to capture the images flawlessly and transmit them without delay. Of course, the user must have a computer and connection strong enough to support this type of streaming without annoying lags.

Optical character recognition technology

Character recognition technology, also known as OCR, is a much-needed element for streaming live blackjack games as well as other card games as it is the most efficient way to properly share information related to the game. It is in fact a system in charge of scanning the images captured by the cameras recognize any kind of sign (like the numbers on the cards).

In this way, the system always knows which cards have been drawn. This information can thus be displayed immediately if required.

game controller

The gaming control unit, also called UCJ, usually works together with the optical character recognition technology. This unit is responsible for encode and process all data which are generated during the game and which, as we have already said, are collected by the OCR. To be honest, the UCJ is at the heart of the live games; It is special hardware that is connected to the casino infrastructure to ensure that the service on offer is never interrupted. In addition, it offers data storage in all games that are played.


Live online games are characterized by the participation of a flesh-and-blood croupier, so it’s important for him to keep up to date with everything that’s happening. Therefore, he will have different monitors that transmit the information he needs.

Monitors are usually strategically placed so that they are never shown by the cameras and it appears as if the dealer is looking you straight in the eye when he is looking at you.

specialized software

In addition to the hardware elements already mentioned, casinos also need special software that allows for the smoothest possible gaming experience and beyond offer the greatest possible security.

One of the aspects to consider, therefore, is that it has an intuitive interface whose design can vary depending on the type of game.

In terms of security, all information is encrypted and protected to prevent computer attacks. In that sense, the 128-bit encryption technology makes this security as robust as possible.