The latest innovations and contributions from Israel

The latest innovations and contributions from Israel

Jewish Link – As every week, Jewish Link brings you the latest innovations and articles in technology and health from Israel, the start-up nation.

7 cool sports tech startups from Israel

The dynamic sector includes more than 600 sports-related companies and more than 200 directly related to this industry.

WSC Sports Technologies: The company has developed artificial intelligence technology that creates real-time highlights of sporting events and automatically distributes them across any platform or media channel.

Work with over 200 leagues and broadcast partners around the world including ESPN, NBA, NHL and YouTube.

amount of pixels: Its automated sports broadcasting technology was built for times like the COVID-19 pandemic, when teams played in empty stadiums and revenue streams dried up; It is installed in more than 20,000 locations in 57 countries. And up to 5,000 games are streamed simultaneously.

BlazePod: The company’s reaction training system offers simultaneous cognitive and physical challenges that increase performance in all areas with lights, sensors and a smartphone app.

PlaySight: It brings artificial intelligence and deep learning capabilities to all levels, connects the pitch to the internet and has cameras so the action can be streamed live without camera operators, meaning fans around the world can follow your favorite teams.

game form: The “Digital Coach” technology, which measures a player’s performance in real time, allows them to compete against each other and see their performance.

Track160: An automated video-based sports analytics tool that uses optical tracking technology and deep learning algorithms to provide data on player and ball movement.

side lines: A company that emphasizes the social aspect of gambling and places less emphasis on winning (or losing) money, similar to online fantasy sports competitions popular in the US market.

Fourth dose of Pfizer reduces mortality in people over 60, according to an Israeli study

Deaths from COVID-19 were 78% lower among older adults who received a second booster shot. “The results suggest that the maximum immunogenicity of mRNA vaccines is reached after three doses and that antibody levels can be restored by a fourth dose,” the authors revealed.

Cofepris granted hygiene approval to the Taffix nasal spray

It is an Israeli product that creates a barrier in the upper respiratory tract to prevent the spread of influenza, SARS-CoV-2 (Covid-19) and seasonal diseases.

Taffix, the powdered nasal spray manufactured by Israeli laboratory Nasus Pharma and proven reliable in protecting high-risk healthcare workers from exposure to these viruses, is being brought to Mexico by medical marketer Alternavida.

The Israel Innovation Authority launched a new program with South Korea

The program aims to promote collaboration with industry and science in the field of robotic technologies.

through the Korea-Israel Industrial Research and Development FoundationThe Lighthouse Program offers up to $5.3 million in funding per two- to four-year collaborative robotics project focused on health, logistics, agriculture and livestock, and domestic services (e.g., helping people with disabilities ). ).

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