The Hospital da Bonecada returns to Colombo in a full inclusive edition

The Hospital da Bonecada returns to Colombo in a full inclusive edition

Between 22 April and 1 May, the Central Square of the Colombo Center is transformed once again into a fake hospital. In this 21st edition, Hospital da Bonecada, in addition to the objective of eliminating the white coat syndrome, will give particular emphasis to the theme “Children and sensory disorders”, in an all-round event.

This edition will be adapted to accommodate children with sensory disturbances, such as visual and verbal disabilities or deafness – there will also be bulletins in Braille -, and May 1st is particularly dedicated to this group. During the morning, the Associação Bengala Mágica will welcome blind children, while in the afternoon two other associations with deaf children will be on site, in addition to interpreters.

For those suffering from autism there is also a special date, for April 29, from 10 am, which will go to the Bonecada Hospital, through an association, accompanied by specialized technicians for the best possible experience.

The novelties of the new edition of the Hospital da Bonecada in Colombo do not stop there, since the event will have a solidarity aspect, with the profit of the products that will be on sale in the place that will return to the Associação Bengala Mágica, whose mission is to support for blind children and young people.

Bonecada Hospital

credits: Hospital da Bonecada

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credits: Hospital da Bonecada

Additionally, children who visit this toy hospital will have the usual chance to bring their dolls to this space and care for them with the help of college students from 15 areas, from medicine and dentistry to dietetics and nutrition sciences. From the doctor’s office to the operating room, including the feeling room (psychology), the little ones, between the ages of three and ten, will cross several rooms.

Bonecada Hospital is free and takes place every day, from April 22 to May 1, from 9:30 to 21:00. However, in this edition, through the presence of the MarcaMundos project, the carers will also have a moment dedicated to them with the realization of arterial hypertension screening and glycemic assessment.

Paulo Gomes, director of the Centro Colombo, says “that it is very gratifying for the Center to receive and support another edition of such a relevant project for the little ones, this year with the added benefit of drawing attention to sensory disturbances. in children. . We look forward to continuing to be part of this story. “

Created in 2001 by the student association of the Nova Medical School – Faculty of Medical Sciences, Hospital da Bonecada allows not only to demystify what happens in a hospital context but also to make the little ones lose the fear of going to the doctor. In the last edition, in 2021, at the Centro Colombo, this initiative affected more than 2060 children.