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When you choose a room of the house it is usually easy to see some things on the screen. This is the living room. It’s where you receive your family and where you spend most of your time. It’s like having a second home. But nowadays living room décor has become more numerous and extensive. Nowadays living rooms have even less space and they seem to occupy a minimum space. It’s best to opt for a minimalist décor with some subtle decorations but to still have enough space for storing books, decorations and other items.

In the living room, a wall unit with plenty of storage space can beautifully be complemented In a spacious décor, use bright colors for a fresh look In a more intimate environment, everything needs to be as simple as possible Combine a fireplace, a TV on the floor –it’s the perfect combo for a sophisticated living room A more unusual type of décor for a living room with a fireplace Get some inspiration from your travels and make your own living room décor In a living room where you can constantly come up with your own ideas, decors A living room with a fireplace is quite unusual but it can be part of a home full of charm So, what is it exactly that a living room has to fulfill here? It has to be both rustic and elegant. Let’s start with the type of room. That is right, a living room should be cozy and inviting. Living room décor, however, needs to be in sync with the rest of the room’s interior design and it inevitably involves a variety of diverse styles, textures and colors. . .

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