The chief lawyer requests a report on “violation of rights” during the pandemic

The chief lawyer requests a report on “violation of rights” during the pandemic

And the President of the Bar defended, on Wednesday, the suspension, “shortly after the end of the epidemic,” a report on “violation of the basic rights of citizens during this period, so that these situations would not be repeated again.” Menezes Letao, speaking at the official opening session of the judicial year, has always been a great critic, throughout the pandemic, of the measures taken by the government, which included restrictions on the freedoms of citizens, the president asks that the problem be evaluated so that it does not recur again.

Louis Meneses-Letau also advocated “strengthening constitutional oversight” in a future constitutional review, i.e. allowing the Bar with jurisdiction to defend the constitutionality of laws.”

Regarding the course of justice, the President drew attention to “the state of our administrative and tax courts” quoting the President of the Supreme Administrative Court, Dulce Neto, who “recently admitted that the current slowdown is shameful, as there are cases pending a decision ten or twenty years ago.” He added that the matter formed a working group composed of lawyers specialized in the administrative field “to present proposals to solve this problem, which, as we say, cannot be resorted to merely by resorting to administrative and tax arbitration.”

“Then it will be up to the political authority, within its competence, to decide whether or not to accept the proposals that we come up with, but at least we will make proposals to solve a problem that has been going on for a very long time,” the president emphasized.

Referring to the “absolute lack of human resources in our judicial system,” Louis Meneses-Letau warned that “the situation tends to deteriorate, as evidenced by the news that the Center for Judicial Studies has lost two-thirds of its candidates in ten years. That will affect the quality of our justice for many decades. “. He noted that “judges’ jubilation occurs every day, and one of the reasons is clearly not being motivated by the status quo in the judicial system.”