The Algarve will have the first Collaborative Laboratory in the health area

The Algarve will have the first Collaborative Laboratory in the health area

The Algarve will receive the first Collaborative Laboratory (CoLAB) in the health area that unites different entities in Loulé.

The title was given to ABC CoLAB, dedicated to the study and presentation of integrated solutions for aging and rejuvenation.

The objective of this laboratory, developed by ABC Algarve, is to promote research and knowledge that will enable the assessment and development of active and healthy aging, adapting the priorities and the type of responses in the fields of health, social action, education and training. life, work and cultural and civic participation according to the territory, the needs and dynamics of the population.

ABC CoLAB also intends to strengthen and accelerate research in the aging area, through the creation of products or systems with greater added value, orienting its activities towards the creation of qualified employment and economic and social value in the intermediate space of the innovation. .

Through this funding, the award of the ABC CoLAB title will enable the hiring of several qualified researchers over the next five years.

ABC CoLAB will be formed as a non-profit association, which includes ABC, Loulé and Albufeira Municipal Councils, University of Algarve, ISCTE, Instituto Português do Sangue and by Transplantação, Vodafone, Algardata, Garvetur, Premivalor, Sea4Us and Institute of Nuclear Sciences Applied to health (ICNAS).

CoLABs aim to promote collaboration between scientific, technological and higher education institutions and the economic and social fabric, i.e. businesses, the hospital and health system, cultural institutions and social organizations, as well as the direct and indirect creation of jobs of high added value work in Portugal, through the implementation of research and innovation programs aimed at creating economic and social value.