Technology and sustainability go hand in hand

BBVA, Porter, Livall, Bolt and Zity talk about the relevance in the world of technology and their commitment to sustainability.

The fourth industrial revolution came into our lives to bring trends AI, robotics, 3D printing or the so-called IoT. In fact, a study by Accenture together with the Chair of Circular Economy and Sustainability of the Mataró Tecnocampus shows that this technology is essential to meet sustainability commitments.

At CONECTADOS 2022 Madrid we have the presence of brands as relevant as they are in the current technology market BBVA, Bolt, Zity, Lival or Porter to discuss this topic and unlock sustainability. On this occasion, we had the starting shot out of our hands Esther Molina, journalist specializing in innovation, startups, entrepreneurship and technology at WILDcom as moderator of the debate. Ricardo MaldonadoMarketing partner of BBVA, Agus SanchezCo-founder and CEO of Porter, Manuel MartinFounder and CEO of Livall, Manuel GilBolt Regional Marketing Manager, Pilar GarciaZity’s Chief Marketing Officer & PR Manager, as columns of this debate.

That 5G as a solution to the climate crisis, this is a solution to achieve large annual savings, data as key, with a new climate age thanks to technology. Pilar Garcia The debate starts with the acknowledgment that it is not necessarily known if there is greater climate awareness, but after all it is a technology and it is necessary to know how to use it based on what it offers us. Ricardo Maldonadoadmits that things must be sustainable, whereby 5G will be more energy efficient, although indirectly it will favor its application in many industries as well as smart cities in terms of mobility, resources, etc.

Manuel Marinspeaks of the trailer hitch of climate change and 5G as a reality, as the city deploys facilities thanks to technology within an infrastructure of reality from which the company speaks about cases with connectivity and a “cloud” where it offers latency services. All the services that this connectivity brings indirectly reduce pollution and are technically more efficient.

Manuel GilShe comments on the positives and negatives that this has, giving as an example the possibility of living in the middle Pandemic The possibilities that technology has given us, with products with 5G technology, so save, apart from fuel, the weathersomething very precious for everyone.

This concludes the topic on 5G, Agus de porter highlights the facilities with which the supplies are projected drones of heavy goods thanks to 5G, with brands being important to see how they can go further based on the possibilities provided by the technology.

That Energy technology and air conditioning technology refers to the creation of services in this new era in which we live solutions and tools to improve their financial performance and environment and create stability. Providing improvement solutions to individuals and businesses with the support of the telecom society.

It is important to remember that the population is increasing deliberately of climate change and thus an increased impulse for companies to deal with the color “green” and its meaning. Support from multinational companies based on a traditional business emphasizes the need to create small specific infrastructures necessary for small businesses, thus promoting technological development and thus making it a step towards awareness.

There is a big one parenting problem of private companies that prioritize the personal interest above the collective, which is a mistake. Technology often advances faster than citizenship education, leading to a failure to see how the model can provide and work properly. In accordance with these data, Manu considers the need to create one country plan and also do it to provide help and avoid “I want and I can’t”, do homework and provide facilities to become more sustainable. “Present or future?” connected cities lead to cities with more effective traffic management.

As for that next generation fundsconclude with the need to implement a macro plan, with cities like Madrid and Barcelona at the heart of mobility in Spain.

Companies like Telefónica have chosen to carry out technological projects, considering Spain as a country ready to unite the public and private parts by capacity and technology, with the customer being the sensitive part in a sensitive format. The technology is ready, but not the legislation. The attitude and the exchange about what is good to improve the relationship between customer, company and planet.

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