Students of the “Go Green” School of Moura involved in an international environmental project

Students of the “Go Green” School of Moura involved in an international environmental project

It is called “Go green with your smart future”, and is the most recent project carried out by the 8th A and D classes, by the teacher Susana Laureano of the discipline of Natural Sciences and by several teachers of the Escola de Moura, in collaboration with schools in Turkey, Croatia and Poland.

Much more than an environmental project, the aim of this proposal is to enable the acquisition of interdisciplinary skills, providing students with greater knowledge on real-life issues, contributing to the development of their personality.

The idea was born during the lessons of Natural Sciences and the enthusiasm of the classes was immediate, as explained by the spokespersons Rita Linhas Roxas, Duarte Valente and Filipe Valente, class 8a, in an interview with Planície: “The science teacher collaborated with countries (Turkey, Croatia and Poland) and we registered on the eTwinning platform (the community of schools in Europe).

Duarte Valente integrated the purpose of the initiative, stating that “in addition to being ecological, it aims to train young people and make them aware of what they will have to face from now on, especially this generation, and make them aware of what is happening and change their consumption and lifestyle habits “.

The student explained that the starting point regarding the ecological habits of each of us begins with a few questions: “Separate collection? Is it necessary to drive to school? Do I need this package instead of buying it separately? We want to be an example for our colleagues, with practical ecological and environmentally beneficial activities, ”said Duarte Valente.

Filipe Valente, another of the students involved, is happy to be able to transform daily practices not only at school, but in the family: “Before starting this project we had to change our habits and we are trying it with colleagues, with my family and the family of all those who are here “.

One of the phases of the proposal, recently completed, was a study conducted by the students lasting months and which consisted of “counting the number of cars arriving at school and using that number, calculating the percentage of students who come to school by car. . With the help of some websites we realized the quantity of CO2 (carbon dioxide) that is emitted in a morning and the quantity of trees to which these tons of carbon dioxide correspond ”.

The success of “Go green with your smart future” passes above all through the awareness-raising message among school colleagues. Rita Linhas Roxas assured that this work has already been done: “We will start making groups in our class and we will go to the other classrooms to talk about the project and about Eco Pontos, which is very important”.

With great admiration for the work done by the students, Natural Sciences teacher Susana Laureano said it was “a pride and a pleasure to work with them. I only met them this year and we thought that dealing with the contents of science alone was not enough, given that we are experiencing extreme climate change and that these generations will suffer the effects “.

As a thank you, the teacher stressed that this is a “project that involves several disciplines and that sees the collaboration of several colleagues”, without forgetting the “receptivity of group management” to the acceptance of projects.

Bearing in mind that the “Go green with your smart future” proposal will be presented to the young scientific community at the “Cientistas em Acção” congress, which will take place in Estremoz, on April 29th.

The work of the students of two classes of the 8th year of the Agrupamento de Escolas de Moura, wants to be more than an environmental project, but an exchange of experiences and knowledge.