Sebra says lowering the energy rate would be good for small businesses

Sebra says lowering the energy rate would be good for small businesses

The news that the surcharges applied to electricity bills will remain green through the end of the year, without additional charges for consumers, for the benefit of small businesses, an analyst with the state’s Small and Micro Business Support Service, said today (18). Rio de Janeiro (Cybra Rio), Allen Barreto. Information about the permanence of the green flag was released by the Operator of the National Electrical System (ONS) last week.

According to Allen, small businesses have been significantly affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. “With the increase in electricity, entrepreneurs needed to assess whether it was worth transferring the increase to the consumer. This measure will bring convenience to those who do so,” said Sybray analyst.

Research conducted by National Sebra Foundation in December of last year, with 6,883 entrepreneurs from all states and the Federal District, made up of 59% of individual micro-entrepreneurs (MEI), 36% of small businesses (ME), and 5% of small businesses (EPP), focusing on the moment small businesses are in, found that the vast majority of national entrepreneurs have taken measures to reduce electricity costs.

Of the small business officials interviewed in the survey, 24% avoided using power during peak hours, 4% installed solar panels, 9% replaced old equipment with more modern ones, 9% checked the quality of the company’s electrical installations, and advised 38 % of employees say it is important to spend less energy and 31% take no action.

In the state of Rio de Janeiro, where there are 534 entrepreneurs out of a total of 6,883 Sebra consulted, 29% of small businesses have avoided using energy during peak hours in recent months, 2% have installed solar panels, 8% have exchanged old equipment for newer models, and 9% have inspected The quality of the company’s electrical installations and 36% advised their employees about the importance of spending less energy and 31% took no action.


Sebrae Rio guides small entrepreneurs to invest in economical electrical appliances with the Procel Seal, which rates products from A to G; Replacing old equipment, reviewing devices and turning off those that are not in use; bet on natural or solar lighting; awareness of employees of the need to save; Avoid connecting too many devices to the same port; Monitor hours of use for these; investment in thermal insulation; change light bulbs for more economical models; Seek expert advice and invest in renewable energy sources.

According to the National Sebra Survey, entrepreneurs believe that the economy will only return to normal within 16 months, i.e. in April 2023.

According to the survey, the moment small businesses experience is reflected in the following percentages: 31% are working as they did before the crisis. 55% have undergone changes due to the crisis. 9% stopped working temporarily and 5% closed permanently.