Samsung would collaborate on the development of the new Apple M2 processor |  technology

Samsung would collaborate on the development of the new Apple M2 processor | technology

The latest rumors about the Apple M2 processor would say that Samsung would help in the development and this would confirm the existence of this processor.

Apple is one of the companies that raises the most expectations among the general and specific public due to its latest releases. And it is that those from Cupertino are doing very well in both the laptop and desktop sectors. In fact, it was very good for the company to have taken over manufacturing its own processors.

The first computer processor they introduced was the M1 and since then we know of several versions that anticipate to improve performance. We currently have the M1, M1 Pro, M1 Max and the M1 Ultra. Come on, there are four processors within the same family that are actually starting from the same base on a general level.

The situation of these processors has made many users want the presentation of the new M2 and in the last Apple presentation when the Mac Studio was announced, many believed that it would arrive with the M2 inside. Instead of this Apple has launched the new M1 Ultra that has an abysmal power packed into a small body.

Since the launch of this device, the following has been seen Apple is planning or at least already has the new M2 in hand. The leaks have been constant over the past few weeks and this processor is being mentioned more and more often in the specialist media. What leaked today is that Samsung would help Apple develop this processor.

It is not surprising that the South Korean company supports Apple in the development of this processor. Yes indeed, You have to understand that Samsung specially designs a part of the processor that is vital. and that is responsible for communication between one area of ​​the motherboard with the other.

Samsung is no stranger to working with Apple, in fact it has historically been responsible for developing the technology that those from Cupertino have used for their iPhone’s mobile processors. Of course, this time the situation is not so drastic and actually lor even more interesting of this is that it would confirm that the M2 is in development.

Of course, this information, which comes from SlashGear, should be treated with some caution, as it is still rumors and leaks. We’ll have to wait and see if Apple has its new processor ready for computers. As soon as it decides to launch it we will tell you about it so that you know in detail Apple’s technology.