Rui Moreira says ANMP’s departure from Porto is not intended as an insult to Luisa Salguero

Rui Moreira says ANMP’s departure from Porto is not intended as an insult to Luisa Salguero

The mayor of Porto, Rui Moreira, in a letter sent on Thursday, April 14, to the President of ANMP, Luisa Salguero, whom Lusa was able to reach today, stressed that the dismissal of the municipality “is not intended to be an insult.”, nor “ignoring other municipalities.” “.

“There is no mistrust in your good faith in this process,” the independent asserts in the letter.

In response to a letter sent by Luisa Salguero, Rui Moreira said that he is not “against” the ANMP, nor “against” municipalities that feel “comfortable” with what the Assembly has negotiated and accepted within the scope of a process of decentralization of competencies.

“Unity will certainly continue in purposes,” says Rui Moreira. “It does not seem possible to maintain unity in strategy and trajectory.”

The Executive Director of the Porto Chamber has today approved the departure of the National Association of Portuguese Municipalities (ANMP) as a result of the process of decentralization of powers, which he intends to take over in an “independent” and “without any representation” manner.

The motion, signed by the mayor of Porto, Rui Moreira, got votes in favor of the independent movement, with abstentions by PSD board member Alberto Machado, and a vote against the Socialist Party, the municipality, and the CDU. Happy Vladimir.

“The reason we intend to be outside the ANMP, without any hostility, is that tomorrow no one will replace us, not the municipal council. [nas negociações e decisões no processo de transferência de competências]Rui Moreira stressed.

The document is now up for discussion in the Porto Municipal Council.

In the proposal, the mayor claims that the ANMP’s “failure” to represent municipalities within the scope of the decentralization process is “total”.

Speaking to reporters on April 12, Rui Moreira said he did not feel “conditions” to write a “blank check” to the ANMP to negotiate with the government on the decentralization process.

On March 25, the Porto City Council introduced a precautionary measure to halt decentralization in the areas of education and health.

On April 4, the Porto Chamber’s Education Adviser, Fernando Paulo, said the measure had been accepted, but without suspensive effects, leading the municipality to “absorb” the terms of reference.