Reinventing the technology industry through diversity, equity and inclusion policies

Reinventing the technology industry through diversity, equity and inclusion policies

Peru.- Diversity in the workplace is currently playing an increasingly important role and is becoming an essential prerequisite for the development of companies. Diversity, equity and inclusion are terms that stretch across the industry as internal policies that foster diverse spaces create a workforce rich in experience, knowledge and perspective.

Evertec, a leading transaction processing services company in Latin America, differentiates itself in the industry as an organization that has placed diversity, equality and inclusion at the heart of its business.

Part of its efforts is reflected in its positioning as an employer brand, promoting policies designed with gender equity and diversity in mind, including a strategy for an inclusive culture where women can take leadership roles, anti-harassment policies, and other tools who have been successful and fill the company with pride.

“Diversity is a key component of our success, embedded in our business strategies and business decisions. In fact, we believe that integrating and promoting generational diversity is key to achieving creative solutions that impact our company’s results, as diversity in our workforce is the formula for successful innovation.” says Rodrigo Del Castillo, Evertec’s Commercial Director for Latin America.

In recognition of this hard work, Evertec has been included in the Index of for the fourth consecutive year Bloomberg Gender Equality, which recognizes listed companies that are committed to transparency in gender reporting and the promotion of equality for women within the organization. This index also measures gender equality across five pillars: female leadership and talent flow, equal pay and gender equality, inclusive culture, sexual harassment policies, and a women-friendly company.

“It is gratifying for Evertec to see that every effort we make within the company is reflected in the industry. We have continually worked to create an inclusive culture where women can take on leadership roles, and that is part of our commitment to nurturing them in our workplace. We believe that women are able to change the perspective of the technology industry and expand business ideas. We are certain that these actions will help change the outlook and focus of our industry,” says Paola Pérez, Evertec’s Chief Administrative Officer.
In fact, at Evertec the 37% of all employees are women. This includes that 25% of them play roles in information technology and a 41% You have leadership responsibilities. This is a great achievement for this company, because the lack of women in these areas is a global problem.

With these achievements in gender equality, Evertec reaffirms itself as a leader in consolidating inclusion on a regional and global scale as the ideal path for productivity and business growth. Your numbers prove it.