Registration is open for the 2022 National Science Olympics

Registration is open for the 2022 National Science Olympics

Registration for the 2022 National Science Olympics is open until August 16. Any educational institution, from any region of Brazil, will be able to register for free to participate in the competition, the format of which remains entirely online. The initiative is aimed at students regularly enrolled in Elementary Schools, from the 6th to the 9th year, of the High Schools; in addition to the 4th year students of Technical Education and Youth and Adult Education. The aim is to stimulate interest in the study of natural sciences and identify talented students and encourage their entry into scientific and technological areas, universities or productive sectors.

For registration, which must take place through the electronic form available on, it is necessary to inform the school code with the INEP, as well as appoint a person in charge who will be the liaison with the coordination of the event. The student must be enrolled by the representative of the school in which she is studying, in the class or year in which she is studying; otherwise, that student’s application will be disqualified. Proof of schooling, if required, will be the responsibility of the school and accredited representative.

The application of the tests will take place in two stages. The first phase, which will take place from 18 to 20 August, will involve questions of Astronomy, Biology, Physics, History and Chemistry and will be organized in five levels distributed by series, the test of which will have 20 objective questions which must be answered according to the instructions indicated at the beginning of the exam. The second phase will take place on 9 and 10 September, with the same contents as the first phase, consisting of a theoretical part. The tests will last 2 hours. The theoretical part includes 10 discursive questions for all classes / year.

According to the technician of the Secretariat of State for Education, Sport and Culture (Seduc / Dase / Seades), he informs that there will be a national awards ceremony for ONC 2022. “Depending on the evolution of the pandemic, this ceremony it could be totally virtual or in person. The student can also get paid by the ONC for his transfer to the awards ceremony ”, he concluded.

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