Questions available for six UFPA degree programs

Questions available for six UFPA degree programs


Six UFPA graduate programs receive applications for their selections for masters, doctoral and graduate degrees this April. The opportunities are intended for courses related to the areas of Legal, Biological and Health Sciences, focused on campus Belém, Castanhal and Altamira. For more information on the programs, please follow the FOLLOW HER.

The Bachelor of Science in Aquatic Ecology and Fisheries (PPGEAP) offers a place for the master’s degree. The opportunity is related to Project “Adequacy of environmental indicators for tributaries of the Itacaiúnas River in the Tapirapé-Aquiri National Forest: multimetric biotic indices for aquatic fish and insect communitiesYou”, coordinated by Professor Bruno Spacek Godoy. Registrations can be made until April 29 and made entirely by FOLLOW HER. For more information, follow the notice.

There is also a course Specialization in Labor Law and Human Rights, from the Degree in Law (PPGD), which offers 60 vacancies, from Which ones are they, 42 are intended tax auditors And 18, to the general community. The course is distributed in 15 modules, for a total of 360 hours of work. Further information can be accessed from FOLLOW HERby phone (91) 3201-7104 or fur e-mail: This email address is protected from spambots. You need to enable JavaScript to view it..

Multifields – The Postgraduate Program in Tropical Diseases (PPGDT) has 15 places available for the PhD program until April 27th. The areas of concentration of the course are related to the following themes: Clinic of Tropical Diseases and Pathology of Tropical Diseases. The course will be hosted at campus of the UFPA de Altamira and vacant positions are intended for professors and technicians, graduates in the areas of Biological Sciences and Health, belonging to the permanent staff of the University, with a master’s degree in the areas of Biological Sciences, Health and the like. For more details, see the notice.

THE campus UFPA de Castanhal also offers 11 places for the doctoral program in the Postgraduate Program in Animal Health in the Amazon (PPGSAAM). In all, the course has its vacancies divided in eight thematic areas: Parasitic Diseases of Importance for Animal Health and Public Health; Anesthesiology; Conservation Medicine / A Health; Infectious diseases of domestic and wild animals; Imaging Surgery and Diagnostics; Epidemiology; Inspection and Technology of Products of Origin Animathe Clinical pathology.

Applications expire on April 22nd. For more details or information on the selection process, please follow the FOLLOW HER and the edict.

Start recording – Unlike the others, the Graduate Program in Arts (PPGArtes) at UFPA opened, This month, enrollment in masters and research doctorates. In total, there are 19 vacancies for masters courses and 9 vacancies for doctoral courses. The area of ​​concentration of this program converges in three lines of research: Poetics and Processes of acting in the arts; Epistemic theories and interfaces in the arts; and Memories, Stories and Art Education. Registrations can be made from place by PPGarYou, by filling in a module until June 30th. For more details, access the Masters and Doctoral Publications at the address place.

In turn, also the Postgraduate Program in Behavioral Theory and Research (PPGTPC). publication, This month, applications for masters and doctorate courses at the University. There are 17 vacancies for the masters class and 7 vacancies for the doctoral class. The program achieves two areas of concentration: Experimental Psychology and Ecoethology. Both Jack research lines with their own themes. The release date for entries in the FOLLOW HER is scheduled for April 29 and will run until May 24. For more information, go to I notify.

Text: Leandra Souza – UFPA institutional communication consultant
Art: UFPA Institutional Communication Office