Q @ TN (Quantum in Trento), Laboratory of Quantum Sciences and Technologies

Q @ TN (Quantum in Trento), Laboratory of Quantum Sciences and Technologies

from Lorenzo Nicolau

The laboratory is the result of an agreement between the University of Trento, the Bruno Kessler Foundation and Atos. Research collaboration on a critical technological service for digital transformation

Revolutionizing the IT and digital services market, as well as being an essential tool for bringing medicine, logistics, energy and defense to another dimension, also on the basis of efficiency and technological possibilities yet to be explored. These are the foundations of an agreement on computer science and quantum science signed byUniversity of Trentofrom Bruno Kessler Foundation Comes from acts, an agreement that unites the academic world, a research institute and a community dedicated to digital transformation towards the same goal. Anticipation on what will be the university programs dedicated in the future, unpublished in the Italian panorama, in addition to obtaining funding from National plan for recovery and resilience (flag), of europe skyline And Digital Europe. Joint cooperation agreement for scientific research Hon Quantitative statisticswhich will give life to a joint work of several years, will thoroughly investigate new algorithms and the most suitable IT architectures to guarantee a rapid and effective digital transformation in the industrial, public and social spheres.

The project

The researchers who will be part of the project will work inside the @tin (Quantum in Trento), this is the name of the Laboratory of Quantum Sciences and Technologies, created by the University of Trento in collaboration, as well as with the Bruno Kessler Foundation, also withNational Research Institute and theNational Institute of Nuclear Physics. The office was also created in anticipation of the start of the quantum engineering course, as well as PhD projects and dedicated research projects. A noteworthy aspect will be the attention paid to the effects of quantum computing in the field of IT securityIt is currently one of the sectors most affected by technological progress. Indeed, today it is increasingly easier to neutralize the most secure and inaccessible data protection regimes, with the growing need for protection by organizations and companies.

Practical applications and training

On the occasion of his announcement, the Director Q @ TN Lorenzo Pavici Outline the guiding principles and mission of the Convention. The main objective is to strengthen the Trentino ecosystem in the field of quantum science and technologies. The multilateral agreement between the different disciplines, academia and industry, will allow the development of innovative research with a more effective perspective to transform the results of the study into practical applications also for the national productive fabric. At the same time, there is also an indication of the training of the students who will participate in the project. They will not be just students, Paveci continues, but they will specialize in the innovation of problems with strong applied interests. He was echoed by the secretary general of the Bruno Kessler Foundation Andrea Simone. We are facing a new quantum revolution. Its impact will be significant in today’s strategic and relevant sectors such as aerospace, biomedicine, environment and other related fields. By Atos Italia, a reference to digital transformation. Strengthen research in the sector, highlighted the CEO Giuseppe de Franco, will provide an effective and dynamic digital transition of the country’s strategic and digital sovereignty in the future. Only in this way will the production areas and companies be able to continue to compete in the international economic and technological scenario, which in the coming decades will be strongly driven by quantitative innovation. Words that repeat that the future is built in the present, and for this reason it is necessary to know how to look to the future.

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