Purchase of health technology by value in the Balearic Islands

Purchase of health technology by value in the Balearic Islands

picture of the meeting.

The Secretary General of Spanish Federation of Health Technology Companies (Fenin)Margarita Alfonsel, and the Vice President, Jorge Huertas, held an institutional meeting with the Health Minister of the Balearic Islands, Patricia Gómez Picard, and the general manager of Benefits and Pharmacy, Nacho García. The meeting served to address these priority issues for the Balearic Health System (IB-Salut). Health technology can respond as an allied, strategic and essential sectorfrom creating synergies with the regional administration.

The Health Minister of the Balearic Islands and Fenin agree that the transformation and digitization of the health system is “necessary” after the Covid-19 crisis. A process that must be launched without delay and that would allow reversing the “slow pace” of the digital transformation of regional health services, confirmed by the “Fenin Index of Digital Maturity in Health” presented to Gómez Picard at this meeting . As a suggestion, Fenin has announced his transformative project – country project – to contribute to the transformation of the National Health System (SNS) through health technology towards a modern, intelligent and sustainable system based on the data economy.

As a lever for this change, the meeting emphasized the importance of current investment mechanisms such as European funds NEXT Generation EU and the investment plan for high-tech equipment (Inveat). For Margarita Alfonsel, Secretary General of Fenin, “they represent an excellent home injection that, if well executed, will provide health centers and hospitals with equipment and solutions to meet current and future healthcare challenges”.

It should be remembered that, for example, the Inveat plan allocated 800 million euros for the renovation of high-tech equipment. Some funds managed by the Autonomous Communities that must contribute Improving the current obsolescence of the technology park. Although this investment plan is positively evaluated, Fenin Gómez Picard has communicated the need for this renovation to be extended in future phases to other families that do not fall into the “high technology” category but are also necessary to ensure continuous quality care guarantee .

Also in line with the quest for efficient and sustainable healthcare, “It is necessary to have a solid health technology sector, for whom it is crucial to develop an industrialization plan that strengthens the national fabric of production, avoiding dependence on foreign markets and, in turn, promoting the internationalization of companies,” says Margarita Alfonsel.
In the joint analysis of other initiatives, Fenin has also entrusted the Balearic consultant with the importance that this sector plays for Vanguard Health as part of the Strategic Project for Economic Recovery and Transformation (PERTE).

Public-Private Cooperation

In the field of public-private cooperation, the institutional meeting also addressed how Integrate technological innovations effectively into IB-Salut health centers and hospitals. In this sense, the Confederation considers it necessary to commit to an efficient public procurement model that prioritizes the value of each technological tool. In order to facilitate this problem, Fenin is working on a recruitment guide for healthcare products that will soon be made available to the Balearic Administration and the rest of the Autonomous Communities.

Likewise, the federal government has given the adviser the “priority” need to permanently charge healthcare products at a reduced VAT rate (4%), compared to the 21% at which most of these essential goods are taxed. Fenin pointed out that this measure would free up a large amount of resources for IB-Salut, which are currently being taken over by hospitals and health centers in the region, and could thus be reallocated to other priority areas of care.

Finally, the Minister of Health and Fenin have expressed their mutual desire to maintain constant channels of contact and collaboration for the benefit of the regional health system and therefore the population of the Balearic Islands.

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