PSD criticizes blank paper, city demands social democratic alternative

PSD criticizes blank paper, city demands social democratic alternative

Today, the Public Security Directorate renewed the accusation that the stability program presented by the government is nothing more than a “white paper”, and the Minister of Finance replied that the “blank page” is the absence of alternatives.

In the debate on the European Parliament, in Parliament, Social Democratic Party deputy Duarte Pacheco considered that Fernando Medina “was unlucky” in his first appearance in the Council of the Republic.

“He comes for a discussion about a program that he has not prepared, presented by an existing government and finance minister in the past, and discusses a program that does not exist. This document or this white paper sent by the previous government is no more than that.”

The Social Democratic Coordinator for Budget and Finance referred to the critical opinions of independent bodies such as the Public Finance Council and the UTAO on the European Parliament and considered that Parliament today “only adheres to the timetable”, ahead of the state debate next week.

He accused “of quantity and timetable so that there is a real political debate about what the government’s strategy is to get us to grow and bring us closer to the front of the European Union.”

In his response, Fernando Medina defended that “the reasons for the simultaneous debate between the European Parliament and the OE” can be attributed to all the seats that failed in the previous budget, with the exception of the PS.

He criticized that “the way the PSD Council referred to the European Parliament, relying on criticism on formalities, shows a huge blank slate on the part of the PSD. The alternative to growth strategy that we do not know on the part of the PSD.”

Fernando Medina has also responded forcefully to the demands of the Popular Congress, which, through MP Diana Ferreira, has demanded extraordinary increases in pensions and salaries due to high inflation, saying that “there is a month left” after all the bills are paid.

“I missed one thing: an apology from the PCP to the hundreds of thousands of retirees who will now only get the pension increases they deserve because the PCP failed to budget,” the Finance Minister criticized.

On the Socialist Party podium, MP Jamila Madeira focused criticism on the right, who said this document was “not a real stabilization programme.”

He responded, “What could the real EP be for the Right?

Jamila Madeira thanked the Minister of Finance “for handing him a document that is blank from the point of view of the right, devoid of austerity, but full of hopeful paths to solving the problems of citizens and businesses.”

“No one can expect a crystal ball to solve doubts,” he added.