Portugal should anticipate the 4th dose for older people.  And the mask should only be recommended

Portugal should anticipate the 4th dose for older people. And the mask should only be recommended

The Government has extended the state of alert until Friday 22, and today, in the Council of Ministers, it should extend the deadline, maintaining the use of the mandatory mask for a few more weeks. At least, this is what the Undersecretary of State and Health António Lacerda Sales said yesterday, referring to the fact that the country must continue to “take safety measures for the citizen”, underlining that, “in the coming days, it will be possible to analyze whether there has been whether or not an impact of the Easter period “on incidence and mortality. “If there aren’t any, we can reverse the measures.”

Pulmonologist Raquel Duarte, who at the invitation of António Costa’s government led the team in charge of elaborating the deflation proposals with a view to reducing the spread of covid-19, told DN yesterday that she believes “sensible” has let herself go. for after Easter a decision on the measures involving the state of alert, since this “was a period of great mobility”, but, he defended, the country “is in a situation of stability that allows it to take the next step” with respect to these measures. The important thing “is to maintain the protection of the most elderly and vulnerable” and, in this sense, it is necessary “to anticipate the 2nd booster dose, or 4th dose, since the majority of this population is over 65 and vaccinated a long time ago “.

In his view, “the waiting period after Easter seemed sensible to me and reinforces the precautionary attitude that Portugal had during the pandemic”, but the truth is that “we are reaching a phase of stability, which is largely the result of the protective factor of the vaccine, as the first booster dose is associated with a high reduction of severe forms of the disease, ie we are not having a great effect in terms of hospitalizations or mortality. Therefore, I would say that the current scenario imposes a need, which is to protect the elderly and vulnerable populations, those who are most at risk of developing severe forms of the disease “.

And this need concerns not only the individual protection measures, which are the responsibility of everyone, in the places where these people are concentrated, and, “obviously through vaccination. So now we need to vaccinate them, anticipating the second booster dose, as has it has already been recommended by the ECDC itself, by the European Center for Disease Control and as other countries of the European Union are already doing “, he stressed.

Masks in schools should have been abolished by now

The doctor of the Centro Hospitalar de Vila Nova de Gaia and professor at the Faculty of Medicine of Porto reinforces what he has been defending for some time. “The country has reached a phase of the pandemic in which the important thing is not to maintain mandatory measures, but to develop the perception of risk by the population so that they take the necessary protective care, especially when in contact with the elderly or vulnerable. “.

As for the rest of the population, “it is time to remove the mandatory mask but keep the recommendation, because, of course, the pandemic is not over and the virus continues to circulate. What is needed is that every citizen knows when he should keep the protective measures, “he said.