Opensoft will recruit 20 software engineers

Opensoft will recruit 20 software engineers

Opensoft, a Portuguese technology consulting firm, is recruiting 20 new employees, mainly engineering Software. This process takes place through a “round” at the universities, but vacancies can also be consulted on the place from society

Opensoft’s next event is Jobshop science, an employability fair organized by the Faculty of Science of the University of Lisbon, which will take place on 11 and 12 May.

The goal is to restructure the company’s work teams with new profiles, people with new skills and who want to undertake an internship, reveals the technology company in a note.

The most sought-after universities to recruit are those that have Computer Engineering courses. Many of the company’s employees began their journey through an internship at the bachelor’s or master’s degree.

The current working model at Opensoft is a hybrid (face-to-face and telecommuting format), with employees working telecommuting for four days and one in the office, although the latter is optional and serves to carry out tasks such as resolution of complex problems, brainstorming or longer meetings, the same note reads.

Opensoft, through the training that can be offered by employees, wants to provide tools such as the ability to communicate, manage tasks and work in a team, reveals the company in a press release.