New technology for the main waterway

New technology for the main waterway

The General Administration of Ports, which reports to the Ministry of Transport, signed an agreement with UBATEC, the technological institution of the University of Buenos Aires, with the aim of incorporation Technology at the service of main waterway infrastructure. In this way, it tries to modernize the monitoring and information flow of the road to generate more efficient and safer navigation.

The agreement implies the implementation of technological supports at different stages of the path. It is also about the creation of a surveillance center Integrate data processing that works together to streamline traffic, strengthen road safety conditions, and take care of environmental conditions.

This decision corresponds to the need to modernize the road infrastructure. The technology to be implemented by AGP is installed in five remote monitoring points, are strategically located along the waterway. These consolidate the information from various sensors and electronic devices available for this purpose, which are remotely controlled from the VNT Monitoring and Management Center.

After months of studying traffic behavior on the road, the Remote Monitoring Points were defined in:

  • La Plata Common Zone (Rio de la Plata) and Puente Gral. Belgrano (Superior Paraná) to cover the entrance and exit of the street.
  • grail. Miter Bridge (Paraná Las Palmas River), Grail. Urquiza Bridge (Paraná Guazú River) and Nuestra Señora del Rosario Bridge (Central Paraná) to cover the places where most of the traffic is concentrated.

They will be equipped with automatic identification systems to know the identification, course and speed (among others) of the ships detected along the canal; radar to distinguish the ships that issue their identification and those that are detected as targets without identification; Dual spectrum cameras to visualize the ships passing around the checkpoint in all light and climatic conditions; and weather stations equipped with towers and antennas.

In return, everyone will have point Intelligent multi-parameter buoys for environmental protection off the road They allow real-time monitoring and processing of data constituting an early warning system that is activated when levels exceed normal operating ranges.

Through this technology it will be possible to identify and monitor ships, barges and smaller vessels on the main shipping lane and to know the navigational, hydrometeorological, dredging and buoy conditions. In this way, the AGP will be able to monitor the effective fulfillment of tasks entrusted to specific contractors, including environmental regulations.

Its controller, José Beni, signed on behalf of the General Port Authority, while César Albornoz, President of UBATEC, signed on behalf of the UBA. Also present were AGP subcontroller Patricio Hogan; the General Manager, Marcelo Peyregne; and Communications, Institutional Affairs and International Relations Manager Ariel Deán; while on behalf of UBATEC, Vice President Lorenzo Basso; the managing director, Eduardo Avelleria; and General Counsel Laura Boveris.