More than two million IRS statements have been submitted to the Finance Gateway – Economy

More than two million IRS statements have been submitted to the Finance Gateway – Economy

More than 2 million IRS statements have already been submitted on the finances portal by the time the first month has passed since the deadline for declaring your 2021 income, according to Finance Statistics.

On Monday, the portal recorded 2,235,887 declarations submitted by the IRS, the majority (1,777,795) of the first stage, with taxpayers declaring income obtained from dependent work and/or pensions, and the remainder (458, 092) from the second stage. Income types.

On the first day of submission of the personal income tax return (IRS) obtained in 2021, as of 18:00, 456,400 IRS returns were submitted by taxpayers, the Ministry of Finance revealed at the time in a statement. Of this data submitted on the first day, more than half (54%) was submitted through the IRS automatic, and there are about three million taxpayers who can use the IRS automatic functionality.

Five working days after the filing of returns this year, on April 8, the Ministry of Finance announced that the first processed tax refunds, referring to income for 2021, will begin to reach taxpayers’ accounts, adding that the campaign continues without restrictions.

“As of today, refunds are also processed very quickly, taking about three business days between processing the refund order (after the declaration has been settled) and entering the taxpayer’s bank account,” the statement read.

In that document, the department also reported that more than 1.3 million IRS statements had been filed by taxpayers, which means that in the past 10 days, nearly a million additional IRS statements will be filed, for today’s total of more than two million. Acknowledgments submitted.

The deadline for filing the annual return of Earned Income in 2021 began on April 1 and ends on June 30, with about 3.5 million households able to take advantage of the automatic IRS.