Manta’s consumer technology increases sales with Grupo Segesa » MuyCanal

Manta’s consumer technology increases sales with Grupo Segesa » MuyCanal


The Segesa Group, owner of wholesalers such as DMI, includes the distribution and marketing of Fenix ​​Entertainment’s consumer technology. The company, owner of the Polish brand Manta, has a portfolio ranging from TVs to accessories, gaming or audio.

Manta has been in Spain for 15 years, but now it signs an agreement with Grupo Segesa, the shopping center that brings together more than 1,938 stores and manages more than 200 brands in the consumer technology and home appliances sector.

In the words of Carlos Santamaría, CEO of Fenix ​​Entertainment:

“We are very pleased to have entered into this agreement with a large group, both for its broad diversification and for its solidity, such as GRUPO SEGESA. We believe that through them we can make a qualitative leap in the spread of our brand. Although its history in the country has already shown that this brand works and is valued not only by end users but also by retailers.”

The alliance will help improve the manufacturer’s capillarity, basing its offering on televisions and accessories, audio, sports and entertainment, home appliances, headphones, gaming, car accessories and health. The company has models especially in the field of television Web OS system, based on Linux, which was developed by LG at the time. New launches are expected for 2022 in the areas of electromobility, air conditioning and renewable energies (solar panels).