Introducing Xataka Mobility, our new division dedicated to hybrid and electric cars and all the technologies that move us around the world

Introducing Xataka Mobility, our new division dedicated to hybrid and electric cars and all the technologies that move us around the world

When Xataka took his first steps nearly 20 years ago, it was unthinkable that we could ask our car for things by voice, or that instead of charging it, we could plug it into the mains to charge it like a cell phone. Not to mention that autonomous cars seemed like an idea for another century or that we could walk down the street and rent a motorbike, scooter or bike in seconds. That Technology is changing the way we move around the world and that’s why we present Xataka Mobility.

Xataka Mobility is a new section in Xataka in which electric cars and hybrid cars will be a mainstay. We present the most relevant new models with detailed technical data sheets, we test them to say how all their technologies are (you can already read our analyzes on the BMW iX xDrive50 or Aiways U5 for example), we will break down the most relevant aspects of the Automotive industry and what affects us as users (like the current price of petrol; the uncertain future of ITV; which would mean Spain would choose to produce electric cars; or why the manufacturers want to sell us as many SUVs as they can).

We also explain the main changes in traffic (from the new Road Traffic Law or new DGT fines for leaving the mobile phone in the wrong place in the car, to the exact speed at which the radars are jumping, or the recent departure from the Barcelona Low zone emissions) and of course we will not forget the most technological parts of mobility, such as Android Auto, Huawei’s entry into the car business or driver assistance systems (ADAS).

But mobility isn’t just about cars. We will also talk about technologies that can change the way we travel, like hypersonic flights or electric boats; the various modes of transportation we need to move sustainably, such as bicycles or scooters; or the services that move us like taxis and VTC and the future of applications like Uber.

Xataka Mobility is a 100% editorial part and Hyundaiwhom we thank for their support as a sponsor, has no influence on the topics or content with which we engage.

How to follow Xataka Mobility?

You can find Xataka Movilidad on the Xataka home page itself, or via this dedicated URL in case you prefer to save it in your favourites. In addition, Xataka Movilidad has its own profiles on social networks: you can find us on Twitter (@xatakamovilidad) and Facebook. Also your own RSS.

Does the usual Xataka experience change anything?

Mobility Home Xataka

This is what Xataka Mobility looks like on the cover of Xataka

no Everything will go on as before. As with our articles Xataka Basics or Xataka Selection, the content of Xataka Mobility is summarized in a separate section.

Occasionally you will find Xataka Mobility articles appearing on the front page of Xataka along with the other news and reports. It will only be those that we deem essential and important enough for the medium’s editorial line. Our intention is to keep informing about technology and we want to offer the maximum possibilities so that everyone can find out what interests them the most and for this reason this new section.

Warm welcome!

We hope that you will find all of the content that we have already published during this month and the months to come. That is why we invite you to visit Xataka Movilidad and of course if you have any suggestions on a topic that you would like to visit Read this new section, we are waiting for you in our contact form.