In Itapemirim there are all bus lines suspended by ANTT – Economia

In Itapemirim there are all bus lines suspended by ANTT – Economia

The National Agency for Road Transport (ANTT) On Wednesday, the 20th of this month, it decided to suspend all passenger transport lines on the roads in etapimerim. After causing a crisis in the airline industry while trying to enter the aviation market, the group is now facing “operational difficulties” in road activity, according to ANTT, which has led the regulator to temporarily ban the company’s operations. In a note, the agency stated that the decision is in effect until a fleet compatible with the lines to be reactivated is registered.

The decision regarding Itapimirim’s overland trips has been published by a decree of Official Gazette of the Federation (DOU) This Wednesday the 20th. The text states that Itapemirim will be able to take trips that have already been sold out, but only for 30 days from today. According to ANTT, Itapemirim must consider passenger rights, including ticket reimbursement, on demand, or reassignment to other carriers.

Recently, the passenger road transport sector of the Itapemirim group has already faced problems. in December, The company even requested that some operating lines be suspendedSoon after the company canceled its air operations. But in January, Itapemirim reversed its decision, awarded by ANTT.

Viação Itapemirim stated in a note that it respects ANTT, but is adopting appropriate measures. “Itapemirim strictly abides by all the rules of road transport regulators and maintains its course of action, always striving for quality service for its customers,” he said.

Insufficient fleet

Viação Itapemirim was operating with an insufficient fleet to service lines authorized to operate on Brazilian highways. According to Estadão/Broadcast, this happened because the number of buses authorized to operate, according to the rules of the National Road Transport Agency (ANTT), has decreased recently. According to industry sources, ANTT had already warned the company about an increase in the number of licensed vehicles, but there was no reaction from the company, which continued to reduce the fleet. The situation then forced the agency to suspend ground transportation operations at Itapimirim.

The group has faced financial difficulties since at least 2016, when a judicial reorganization of the company was opened. According to a report by the judicial official in charge of the operation, the group owes more than 2 billion Brazilian reais in taxes only, in addition to more than 200 million to creditors. The situation did not prevent Itapimirim’s attempt to enter the aviation market last year, and it was considered a failure after the group canceled its air operations in December, causing a crisis in the sector.

Earlier in the week, the group had already suffered another setback. The Court of Justice of the State of São Paulo (TJ-SP) decided on Monday, 18, to ban the assets of businessman Sidnei Piva, owner of Viação Itapemirim. In the decision, Judge João de Oliveira Rodriguez Filho also ordered the company to submit an amendment to the applicable judicial recovery plan within 48 hours. “So far, there has been no offer to modify the plan by the company subject to the reorganization, which is highly reprehensible behaviour,” the judge wrote.

problem history

Itapemirim, which has been undergoing judicial recovery for years and is now controlled by a businessman sydney paivaIt has gone through a series of controversies in recent years. plus a A public fight between Beva and the heirs of the founder of ItapimirimThe company surprised the market with its decision, even with billions in debt, to create a low-cost airline, ITA. The project, which faced mistrust in the market, because the aviation sector required large investments, ended up getting approval to operate from it National Civil Aviation Agency (ANAC).

There have been many controversies in structuring the ITA: In addition to persistent delays in schedules, news has spread that the company has attempted to charge pilots and other crew members to participate in its selection processes. Even with all the mistrust, and in the midst of the pandemic, the company started flying in July of last year. However, in the first few weeks of operation, information emerged that The company was already delaying the salaries of its employees.

The The fragile operation collapsed just days before Christmas 2021, leaving passengers not knowing what to do in airport lounges (in Guarulhos, there was confusion among angry consumers). Regulators intervened, and clients ended up relocating, to a large extent, On flights of other airlines. Since then, ITA has not paid its employees. The company has already returned most of the planes it has leased.

Recently, the passenger road transport sector of the Itapemirim group has already faced problems. In December, the company requested that some operating lines be suspended, shortly after the company canceled its air operations. But in January, Itapemirim reversed its decision, awarded by ANTT. At the time the service outage was announced, the company announced that the measure was part of a logistical and operational restructuring plan that was put in place to “reduce costs and maximize financial results on its long tracks.” according to Estadao / broadcastItapemirim activities organized by the agency represent 0.98% of the total markets for passenger transport on operating routes.

last week, The company announced the sale of the company The airline ITA for consultation. as shown Estadao / broadcast, Baufaker as its listed address has a co-working space in Taguatinga, a city in Brasilia. The site, however, is Chamber of Commerce where the cyber security business operatesResidential alarms and electrical fences associated with business consulting. Nobody knows the owners of Baufaker on the site.