IMSS and Conacyt sign agreement to advance biomedical technology

IMSS and Conacyt sign agreement to advance biomedical technology

That Biomedical technology has undergone an important development in recent years. Although one of the problems is that its investment and development requires large amounts of money. Consequently, not every hospital can access this type of innovation. In the end, while there are innovative teams, there is a division that affects doctors.

Against this background, the National Council for Science and Technology (Conacyt) and the Mexican Institute for Social Security (IMSS) signed an agreement. The aim is Strengthening the country’s scientific and technological sovereignty in health issues.

Solutions against the main diseases affecting Mexico

The agreement provides for inter-agency actions aimed at the fulfillment of three priority objectives, stating that Conacyt will continue to support basic and clinical research projects that advance the understanding and treatment of the diseases most prevalent in Mexico , such as degenerative or cardiovascular.

The development of nationally manufactured vaccines, medicines, biopharmaceuticals and medical devices is also supported. Likewise, Conacyt will support the technology transfer and scaling of medical devices being developed in the IMSS research centers. The solemn ceremony was attended by the heads of both institutions, Dr. María Elena Álvarez-Buylla Roces and Mtro. Zoe Robledo.

dr Álvarez-Buylla celebrated the signing of the agreement and reiterated that working with the IMSS is a transcendental and significant step to respond to an historic demand. It will benefit the health of Mexicans and contribute to Mexico’s scientific and technological sovereignty.

He specified that, under the coordination of Conacyt, the development and exploitation of technological and innovative materials, designed and manufactured in Mexico, will be supported for use in the medical care services offered by the IMSS.

Current results that have been achieved

The head of Conacyt said that in the past three years, the national development of biomedical technology has advanced. As an example, he named invasive mechanical ventilators intended for the care of seriously ill COVID-19 patients and the home vaccination project.

He also stressed that the Conacyt-IMSS Agreement seals the continuity of the joining of forces and capacities of two great institutions, as “through vigorous action we will be able to move forward and change; we will be able to reinvent the way and contribute to building a fairer and healthier Mexico, where science and health care come together.”

Zoé Robledo, Director General of the Mexican Institute for Social Security, pointed out in her speech that the framework agreement will enable the funding of basic and clinical scientific research projects after the Covid 19 pandemic. The aim is to bring science, technological development and innovation to strengthen the Mexican state and protect the population.

He emphasized that this agreement is based on clinical research and the promotion of projects that help address the main complaints of the population due to Covid-19, which, in addition to problems related to the respiratory system, are also related to mental health.

He added that it aims to reclaim scientific sovereignty and encourage the use of technological inputs of national authorship and manufacture. Additionally, inter-agency coordination is key to fostering the developments generated by IMSS and Conacyt researchers.