Hydrocarbons, companies and families: the new support announced by the government – Conjuntura

Hydrocarbons, companies and families: the new support announced by the government – Conjuntura

energy prices

– The reduction of the Internet service provider is equivalent to reducing the value-added tax to 13%

– We will maintain mechanisms to offset increases in tax revenue and – Extend the moratorium on the carbon tax increase until December 31.


Subsidizing part of the increase in gas costs for energy-intensive companies.

Reducing the costs of electricity-intensive companies.

Making tax payments and social security contributions more flexible for the most vulnerable sectors: agriculture, fisheries, transportation, the social sector, and especially affected industries, such as textiles, pulp production, ceramics and glass industry, steelmaking, cement production and the chemical industry.

– Professional gas innovation to supply the transportation of goods and we will extend the 30 cents per liter discount on fuel to the social sector.

For the agricultural and fisheries sectors, temporary exemption from value-added tax on fertilizers and animal feed;

– Extension of the discount offered until the end of the year on colored and distinctive agricultural diesel until the end of the year;

Save another 18.2 million euros from now on to mitigate the increased costs of animal feed and fertilizers; Today in Brussels we are fighting for the establishment of an exceptional temporary support measure within the framework of the EAFRD;

Increased funds by €46 million to support the installation of photovoltaic panels in 2022 and 2023 for the agricultural, agricultural and hydroponic industries.


Expand the scope of measures to support the prices of food baskets and gas cylinders for all families with minimal social benefits.

power transmission:

Simplify procedures for industrial decarbonization and solar panel installation

Reduction to the minimum VAT rate on electrical equipment allowing families to be less dependent on gas.