Hungary says it is ready to pay Russian gas in rubles – Invasion of Ukraine

Hungary says it is ready to pay Russian gas in rubles – Invasion of Ukraine

Hungary is evading the consensus expressed by the European Union and says it is ready to pay for gas from Russia in rubles, the Russian currency. So far, Brussels has shown a unanimous voice in its refusal to accede to Russia’s demands.

Hungary said on Wednesday it would pay for gas shipments in rubles if Russia requested it. These statements were made by Prime Minister Viktor Arban at a press conference reported by Reuters.

Last week, Vladimir Putin said that the arrival of Russian gas to Europe would be in jeopardy if countries perceived as “hostile” did not pay in rubles. The Kremlin introduced the rule on April 1 as a way to respond to Western sanctions.

Foreign Minister Peter Szijjarto had already said that European authorities had “no role” to play in the issue of Russian gas imports into Hungary. According to this official, it is a bilateral contract between the Hungarian state-owned MVM and Russia’s Gazprom.

Hungary was one of the few countries in the 27 bloc to reject energy sanctions against Moscow.

Off the topic of the war in Ukraine, the European Union announced this Tuesday that it would unleash its rule of law defense mechanism against Hungary – something that has never been used until today. Thus, a process has been initiated that could, in the end, prevent the government led by Victor Urban, who was re-elected last Sunday, from accessing more than 40 billion euros in community funding.

The European Commission has decided to launch this conditionality mechanism to try to force Budapest to make changes that Brussels deems necessary for Hungary to stop violating the core values ​​of the European Union, Commission President Ursula von der Leyen said on Tuesday.