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When it comes to designing white walls, designers find inspiration in the works of classic Greek style, which shows, for all living systems to be adapted and standardized for creating the ideal living space. The modern varieties appear in the following picture with white walls which come alive with the modern art deco style. This is a living room which can adorn all its homes in the iSaloni, located in Milan, Italy. The modern style which rises to prominence on the walls gives the space a modern, open design. The room is proportional to the space in which it is placed as an integral part and which is always well lit and serves all the needs of the residents. This kind of home also belongs to the home style of the modern variety. In this space, the white color is not only used for the large, ceilings high walls that are arranged high in the space, but also for the furniture pieces which have a traditional sense, typical to the modern style.

The stucco walls are not only a style for the elite, but they are also capable of creating a warm, cozy feeling in the ideal living space. The large windows, the ideal setting for having many light, who encourage good communication, the imposing size of the space, and the amount of natural light have made the place fully adapted to the needs and preferences of the residents as well as to the requirements of its residents. The large, spectacular living room is an elegant and contemporary space where the classical black and white colors, the walls in black and the furniture in white lead down to perfection to create a unique, elegant, and elegant space which offers a comfortable living. The bookshelves are the archetype to highlight the current design style; the books are the attraction of an extensive velvet closet in the living room, the rest of the space is a decorative space whose exuberance is highlighted by hanging vases and the contemporary . .

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