Hours before the start of the NAB Show 2022

Hours before the start of the NAB Show 2022

Among the news that are expected are implementations of technologies designed for the 8 THOUSANDDevelopments aimed at IP networks, including new solutions for NDInew implementations for professional audio and new advances in data transmission applications ATSC 3.0. Below we describe some of these news.

main concept paves the way for 8K codec technology

MainConcept, the provider of codecs for production, transmission and transmission technologies, is participating in the next NAB Show 2022its advances in 8K-optimized cloud encoding, as well as advancing the capabilities of its codecs to efficiently encode high-quality 8K video.

For its part, the company emphasizes that broadcasting will lead the way in the future and that the codecs, both in the cloud and on premise, offer the quality, performance and reliability that MainConcept has developed in the industry over the past three decades.

Deacon Johnson, Senior Vice President of Technology Licensing and Strategy at MainConcept, said, “After three years, we are excited to return to NAB and reconnect with our friends and colleagues in the industry. That being said, the professional video market and our business have continued to grow at a rapid pace.’ He added: “We have expanded our codec suite to provide optimized support for the ARM architecture and expanded our portfolio of plugins FFmpeg professionals and improve our products HEVC High-performance flagships to support cloud-ready 8K to HD live encoding workflows in one low price. cost server. I couldn’t be prouder of the MainConcept team.”

The Company starfish contains Zixi to monetize IP content.

Zixiwhich provides the industry with reliable, broadcast-quality video over any IP network, announced its integration and partnership with Starfish TechnologiesProvider of innovative software solutions for international television broadcasters and media companies, e.g T splicer Y TS signal processorwhose applications can be found in traditional transmission systems, IPTVsatellite and cable.

With this addition, Starfish Technologies users can leverage integrated Zixi-protected live IP video as part of their advertising and content replacement workflows.

For its part, Starfish have TS Splicer and TS Signal Processor SDVP and built-in native Zixi protocol support allows customers to seamlessly switch input streams and splice transport streams for ad insertion or content locking applications.

“In view of the market development, the Zixi partnership will provide our customers with the transmission quality they need, as well as secure and reliable live video over flexible IP networks,” he said. Peter Blatford, CMO, Starfish Technologies. “Zixi’s partner program made it very easy for us to quickly onboard SDVP and go to market.”

TSL focuses on audio, control and power solutions for the NAB 2022

The brand integrates more ameprios and outputs to the various power distribution units. The requirements for gearbox production are becoming more and more complex, for this reason TSL highlights the latest releases related to audio, control and power solutions that it will showcase at NAB 2022.

The various proposals are designed to connect and facilitate intelligent, controllable, adaptable and efficient workflows and ensure quality of service throughout the media delivery chain.

Its main offering is the audio monitor SAM-Q-NET from TSL with advanced audio monitoring capabilities SAM-Q by TSL in an IP connected world, with native support for ST2110-30, ST 2022-7 and multiple control options, including NMOS. One of the advantages of SAM-Q-NET is that the connectivity Ethernet 1G, which reduces implementation costs for specific audio installations. The SAM-Q line of audio monitors allows users to adapt operation to different environments.

In terms of controls, TSL presents TM1 tallya high quality, low cost, compact tally solution based on the system TSL TallyMan The industry standard TM1 tally offers the same full-featured tally capabilities, but with a limited number of connections to external devices.

On the other hand, Triveni digitalProvider of program guide and metadata management, data transmission and solutions for broadcasters and service providers, introduces next-generation Skyscraper data transmission system

Triveni Digital will share its latest product line compatible with data transmission applications ATSC 3.0 Y ATSC 1.0 with technology partners

The new SkyScraper XM data transmission system supports a variety of new data transmission use cases for ATSC 3.0 and offers backwards compatibility with ATSC 1.0 infrastructures.

Markus KorlSenior Vice President of Emerging Technology at Triveni Digital said: “ATSC 3.0 was designed to provide robust support for data distribution over the airwaves,’ adding, ‘Broadcasters are now investigating strategies to increase their revenue streams around data distribution in various application areas, including education, emergency communications and automotive. The system Skyscraper XM it can be integrated with third-party systems, including elements of the transmission chain, offering a wide variety of delivery options rather than a unified approach with limited receiver and infrastructure options.’

The system was designed to optimize performance and robustness Skyscraper XM Use the norm ATSC 3.0 to support multiple data transfer applications. The system is compatible with standard content delivery and streaming applications. NRT Private on ATSC 3.0 Y ATSC 1.0.

kilo view Introduces a powerful 4K bidirectional NDI converter at NAB Show

IP video transmission solution provider N60 launches high-performance bi-directional converter 4KUHD to the HDMI a NDI Y NDI a HDMI.

That N60 integrated NDI High bandwidth Y NDI|HX into a single converter and is the industry’s first converter to directly support USB to NDI signal conversion. This technology is designed to simplify and streamline workflows in any professional IP-based video broadcasting environment, including broadcasting, news gathering, sports, concerts, medical imaging and live events, while maintaining excellent performance.

N60 is the updated version of Kiloview’s popular N6, introducing support for 4K UHD and support for the two main NDI protocols. Some of its key features are: NDI and NDI|HX: both protocols support combined encoding and decoding functionality; Better color performance, high quality and low latency, plus an integrated IPS LCD screen and scroll wheel, among other features.

“Our customers have asked for a way to integrate a variety of 4K and HD video sources into their live streaming setups, and we not only fulfilled that, we went even further,” he said. Judy ZhouVice President and Director of Sales and Marketing.