Google awards 25,000 scholarships for technology courses

Google awards 25,000 scholarships for technology courses

Mexico City. /

Google, in cooperation with the non-profit organization Inroads in Mexico, will award 25,000 scholarships for certification courses in various technology areas. Of the total, they aim for 50 percent to be delivered to women.

“The pandemic has meant that companies are increasingly looking for more qualified personnel in technology matters, so that seven out of 10 job offers are related to digital skills”highlighted, José Carlos Ramírez, Google Marketing Manager at a press conference.

Against this background, he emphasized that Google is introducing certified courses in Mexico covering data analysis, IT support, project management and user experience design.

The courses are taught through the educational platform Coursera and are already available on the official website that Google has launched for it. To apply for one of the 25,000 scholarships, the site is called, where a questionnaire created by Inroads must be answered.

The general director of the association, Beatriz Coll, emphasized that they have been promoting various technology programs together since 2019.

“Now this The new major project gives us the opportunity to change the working lives of minorities such as women in IT. Although any dedicated person with a minimum school education can have the opportunity to receive a scholarship to earn a Google Career Certificate, at least 50% of the scholarships will go to women, opening doors to more and better job opportunities,” he claims.


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