From Cryptocurrency to Salmon: These Are the Richest Young People in the World

From Cryptocurrency to Salmon: These Are the Richest Young People in the World

There are more and more billionaires under the age of 30. From the cryptocurrency market to the delivery sector, passing through the salmon industry, the Forbes list of the youngest billionaires has moved from eight to 12, with a total fortune estimated at $25.6 billion.

Leading the list is Gary Wang, 28, who has a net worth of $8.7 billion, who along with Sam Bankman Fried — who was not on the list this year because he turned 30 — co-founded cryptocurrency platform FTX. In the comprehensive Forbes list, Wang is ranked 431.

Gustav Magnard Witzau took second place in this table. The 28-year-old Norwegian owns nearly half of SalMar ASA, one of the world’s largest salmon producers. Witzoe has an estimated net worth of $5.2 billion, ranking 637th on the Forbes list.

Another prominent member of the list of the world’s youngest billionaires is Ryan Breslow, founder of the Boltt Corporation, with an estimated fortune of $2 billion. A fan of yoga and meditation, the entrepreneur decided to implement a four-day work week for his 700 employees of his organization.

There is no Portuguese in the list of the 12 notables, but the Lusophony sign is. Brazilians Henrique Dubograss, 25, and Pedro Franceschi, 26, are the founders of Brex, which was founded in 2017 and focuses on the fintech market.

Since its inception, Britain’s exit from the European Union has grown at a rapid pace, with its value in 2019 estimated at about 2,600 million dollars, a value that rose to 2,600 million in 2021 and rose to 12,300 million this year, according to data transmitted by the Economista. Both young men have a fortune estimated at $1,500 million.

There is still room in the table for the founders of DoorDash, a brand that is already a reference in the US, when it comes to home delivery, as it holds a 56% share in this market. The company was founded by Stanley Tang and Andy Fang, both aged 29, along with Tony Shaw (now 37). The two young men own a 4% stake in the company and their fortune is estimated at $1,400 million.

In the automotive sector, Austin Russell is the latest star in this market, with a net worth of $1.5 billion, acquired from the business of automotive sensor company Luminar Technologies. The entrepreneur began developing the basic concept of the company when he was just 17 years old, having seen his empire rise when he launched the company on the stock exchange in December 2020.

From the chemical market, 25-year-old Chinese Wang Zilong, with a fortune of $1.4 billion, emerged after he inherited stakes in two Chinese chemical companies (CNNC Hua Yuan Titanium Dioxide and Lomon Billions Group).

German Kevin David Lehmann has been named the world’s youngest billionaire for the second year in a row, who is only 19 years old and has a net worth of $2,500 million. Lehmann owns 50% of Germany’s leading pharmacy chain, DM (Drogerie Markt), which generates revenue of more than $12 billion annually.

Finally, Norwegian sisters Alexandra and Katharina Andersen, 25 and 26, respectively, rounded out the list of millionaires under 30, each with a fortune of about $1.3 billion due to an 84% stake in the family business Ferd, a Norwegian holding company dedicated to finance, industry and real estate. .