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I’ve always liked books so much that I have yet to buy at a book store. I know I’m the only person who actually bought books and this is something I have to deal with. So, starting today I will teach you about some really cool ways in which you can make a lot of useful things from your living room or home office and on your walls. I mean you can have books on every armoire or bookcase and not a single inch of space. Places like this one where you see the whole picture and see the most useful things you can do with a little space is my suggestion. This is the Garment Shelf which comes from Italian furniture manufacturer Camus. It’s a piece designed for students and creative people of upper arts disciplines and it can be used in home offices but also in libraries and other places.

More than that, it’s a piece of furniture that can be used in a lot of different ways due to its design. The idea behind this project is actually very simple. These bookshelf shelves were made of a piece of wood and the shape can be adapted to accommodate a big bookcase made of soft woods and with some thin metal legs that made it possible to have a practical piece of furniture for that room of the house. The bookcases seem to have originated from the oriental era when the entire furniture of the oriental era was specialized in books and rows in rows, creating a standard object that in most cases was painted by hand. . .

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