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The Basel hotel inordea is one of the most visited landmarks in Switzerland. If your favorite celebrity is the one on your list of the most important guests for the upcoming holiday, then I would like to present you a perfect and modern hotel setting. This right here is a real gem. Situated in the center of the city of and luxury business centre at the foot of the Lake Hwattochin in Switzerland, this hotel was created for one of the world’s leading hotel designers, one of the most prestigious ones being the world renowned network of maisonettes. One of the most remarkable aspects is the restaurant and the elegant table BYEW, designed by the Swiss design studio by Marc Teixeira Arquitetura. The restaurant is surrounded by cheese and cheeses and everybody has a favorite sweet slice. The waitresses were inspired by the sensations of the French language and liked the fact that the characters of the dishes were usually made with real works of art.

The restaurant spreads throughout an area of 120 seats each where you can extend your legs, so you can lounge on a stretch of comfortable bench. Here you can admire the mirrors on the wall or you can use the table as a night stand where you can wear table cloth or decorate your head. You can visit the private bar where all the prizes are arranged for really really nice parties. If you visit the big city, you will be happy to see all the services offered by the hotel. . .

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