Focusing on the growth of the food industry at home, Isaac Bley takes charge of Sindialimentos

Focusing on the growth of the food industry at home, Isaac Bley takes charge of Sindialimentos

The new board of directors was chosen by acclamation Consortium of Food Industries and Balanced Feeds of the State of Ceará (Sindialimentos) For the period 2022-2026. The new boss is the industrialist Isaac Matos Ble, Commercial Director of Alimempro. He succeeds industrialist Andre Sequeira, who will now take a position on the new entity’s board of directors.

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According to Sindialimentos’ new president, this should be a mandate to continue the work developed by the previous administration. The focus is on keeping the food industry growing in the inner cities, with large companies relocating to the overall areas of the state, such as Karire and Ibiapaba.

Another focus to be developed in the medium term is the internationalization of business in the food industry. Isaac says he will encourage companies to strengthen ties with Bessem Complextaking into account the possibilities of installation in Export Processing Zone (ZPE)which provides differentiated terms for companies wishing to do international business.

Therefore, Sindialimentos is already preparing to send a delegation to participate in SIAL Paris 2022, the largest international exhibition related to the food and beverage sector, which takes place between the 15th and 19th of October. The idea is to take entrepreneurs and create the Ceará Pavilion at the bi-annual fair, which has not been held since 2018.

The results obtained

Since 2014 as president of Sindialimentos, André Siqueira highlights time as a very successful experiment. During his tenure, the number of member firms increased from 29 to 88, tripling in size. to me PeopleAndrei highlights the partnerships made with Confederation of Industries, Sesi, Senai and the Center for International Business (CIN/Fiec), as well as the state government.

“It was a very successful experience, as it represented a very important sector for Ciara and achieved achievements and projects, Al-Ittihad has grown a lot. We feel with the entrepreneurs that Al-Ittihad played an important role in the development of the sector,” he points out.

New Council (2022-2026)

Unions – Executive Council (effective)

Isaac Matos Ble (Alimembro) – Chairman of the Board of Directors;
Maria Betania Rabelo (Fosfatec) – Managing Director;
André de Freitas Siqueira (Agromix) – Chief Financial Officer

Board alternatives
Anna Patricia Diogenes (Fruta);
Roberto Castelo Branco (Etoira)

Supervisory Board (active)
Claudio Ferreira Fontenelli (Phosphatic);
Alex Sá Antunes Rodrigues (Bioagro);
John Wayne Nogueira Sarmiento (CM Rações).

Alternative Audit Board

Rogerio Alves do Prado (Spiro and Bra Aves)

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