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Farmhouse Kitchen Wall Decor Shelf With Nice White Color Walls

The kitchen today is a social space where family members and guests gather to spend time together, whether it’s with a cup of coffee or a good book. Not everyone has the same ambiance so to create a décor that features the same type of furniture as the kitchen would. Alison Damonte of Longhi Design had the idea for the décor created here by the Australian designer for example. The way she combined warm natural wood and white cabinets with a black countertop and a white side table is extremely subtle. The result is a chic combination of modern and natural. It’s so subtle that it’s almost hard to believe it was designed by a quintessential mid-century modern house. Nowadays, in case you’re looking for such a design, here’s a great example: the Doos House.

Dos most significant lines is the juxtaposition of materials and textures: the smooth and the tiled wall, the wood, the marble and all the other materials, and the material of the facade, the support and the support of the large glass panels, the largest part of the entire structure, facing the large glass windows and the long glass railing. The result is a very stylish furniture set, beautifully integrated in a modern kitchen design. The countertops and the upper cabinets have a lot of storage space which is very important for all the materials and the colours used to design this furniture. This residence features the smallest pieces of furniture but it’s a very well-organized space, with a modern design and very functional and practical. There aren’t a lot of carpets and blinds or curtains because this kind of covering helps hide most of the electronics inside the cabinets and the upper cabinets. .

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