Facebook leaves the meeting with the government “sad”.  Expect updated salaries in 2023 – public service

Facebook leaves the meeting with the government “sad”. Expect updated salaries in 2023 – public service

Fesap’s general secretary says he left the first meeting with the new Public Administration Minister, Mariana Vieira da Silva, “sad,” who will return to rule out any temporary state pay increase this year. However, Jose Abrau said he hoped the government would resume salary updates next year, although he admitted there was no commitment to values ​​in the 4% range.

The Fesap leader began by emphasizing that the civil service salary update will be 0.9% this year, despite the historic acceleration in prices.

“We left sad because we had the opportunity to hear from the minister that the cult of deficit must be maintained, and therefore, public administration employees will see their purchasing power decline for another year,” he said.

Regarding the upcoming year, the government “want to resume the principle set forth in the government’s annual salary update program”.

“They have now updated wages based on what they thought was inflation on November 30, 2021, assuming a 0.9% increase,” he said. “And we wonder: If inflation is going to be 4% at the end of 2022, if we have an increase in 2023 of 4%. The answer was we know, let’s see how it goes in terms of unpredictability.”

In other words, there are no specific obligations. The official later said there was some commitment to modernization in 2023, but without a guarantee that it would cover inflation this year. The minister said she wanted to comply with the government’s programme [quanto a] Back to the annual salary review.

Trading with no deadline in sight

He described “in the short term” and immediately after the approval of the budget, “we will discuss what we were told last year.” In other words, simplify recruitment in public administration, prevent operations from taking “two or three years”, make changes in the individual pay schedule to adjust positions for public jobs and change in the performance appraisal system.

However, the union leader, who had been available to sign the agreement for several years, did not convey any commitment from the government regarding the date of conclusion of these negotiations or the moment of their entry into force. “With the budget running through December 31, we expect to have these things done by then,” he said.

At the press conference to present the state budget, Finance Minister Fernando Medina dropped the obligation to increase the salary upon entry of senior technicians by 50 euros in January 2023. At that time, the value of appointing assistants and operational technicians would be the same due to the increase in the minimum wage.