ES will have its first public business center with an investment of R million

ES will have its first public business center with an investment of R$13 million

Photo: Helio Filio/Sicom

Espirito Santo will have its first public business centre. The HUB ES + It will be on Praça Costa Pereira, in the center of Vitoria, and will offer courses, lectures, and other initiatives to promote innovative ideas that boost the state’s creative economy.

In total, R$13 million will be invested to encourage the creative economy and culture. This Tuesday (19), the government of Espirito Santo launched the Business Center project, which is scheduled to open in August.

Among the proposals of HUB ES+ is the creation of collaborative networks between creative economy and innovation initiatives to integrate the work of the secretariats of innovation and development (Sectides) and culture (Secult).

We combine innovation and culture, a global trend. Thus, we are modeling a new model for our country, both together and mixed. There is a lot of information, but in a clear central hub, with several places for people with different talents to coexist, creating opportunitiesGovernor Renato Casagrande said.

For the Minister of State for Culture, Fabricio Noronha, culture, creative economy and innovation share the potential to create opportunity and income for the city of Capixaba.

We integrate Secult and Sectides actions that enhance access to new and already effective entrepreneurial knowledge through various on-site actions, in the physical space of HUB ES+.“, He said.

Minister of State for Innovation and Development, Ricardo Pisanha, said the center and projects strengthen the union between government and institutions that are part of the Capixaba Mobilization for Innovation (MCI) around strengthening the innovation ecosystem.

Hub ES+ will be a true blend of art and culture with science, technology and innovation, and in addition, its location also promotes another important measure of our government, the revitalization of downtown Vitoria“, pointed out.

HUB ES+ will also host the Applied Computational Intelligence (I2CA) program. The project, already in operation, proposes to develop research for the benefit of the industry primarily in the areas of artificial visual perception, autonomous navigation, and intelligent self-interaction, among others that are relevant and belong to a large area of ​​computational intelligence. It currently has partnerships with ArcelorMittal, Ufes, Ifes and Startups.

Fapes launches public notice in support of innovative business ideas with social and environmental impact

During the event, Fapes announced the launch of a “Notice of Support for Innovative Business with Social and Environmental Impact at Capixabas” that aims to capitalize on the sector market.

In addition, an agreement was signed with Sebrae to launch an innovative habitat promotion program and new activities for the implementation of the Seedes Program (Emerging Entrepreneurship and Mandate in Development in Espiritu Santo).

The public call will provide financial support for project proposals that can make a social and environmental impact and achieve positive and sustainable financial results. Registration began on Tuesday (19) and can take place until 15 June at

The initiative aims to promote the development and improvement of products (goods or services) and innovative processes aimed at solving or reducing social and environmental problems in Espírito Santo.

How will the choice be?

The public notice will select the proposals in two separate cycles, the first consisting of four phases. Phase 01 will select 60 proposals, and of this total, 20 will be contracted at the end of the four selection phases, and the first cycle ends.

Each of the twenties awarded in the first cycle will receive 70,000 Brazilian reais each, through economic support, and will be selected for the second cycle, which will include seven projects, each of which will receive approximately 100,000 Brazilian reais, also through economic support .

Who can submit bids?

According to Fapes President Director Christina Engel, offers can be submitted by individuals or bidders without a registered company, legal entities, or bidders with a registered company.

“It is very easy to demonstrate the importance of Espiritu Santo in the innovation business. The proof of that is the number of requests we receive in our public notices for innovative entrepreneurship and how much the ecosystem has grown in recent years of investment,” he explains.

Notice of all details of the application process is available on the website.

Cristina highlighted that the partnership with the state government aims to improve resources and reach as many people as possible to increase the economy of Espírito Santo.