Endesa reaches the 600,000 customer mark in Portugal

Endesa reaches the 600,000 customer mark in Portugal

The Spanish company, Endesa, said in a statement issued this Thursday, that the Spanish company Endesa has reached the mark of 600,000 customers for electricity and natural gas in Portugal, including local consumers and businessmen.

The latest data from ERSE – Entidade Reguladora dos Serviços Energéticos, for the month of January of this year, indicates that in that month Endesa reached 10.4% of its electricity supply to residential customers, the first time that the Spanish company had secured a mark of 10% of a stake in local part.

ERSE data shows that this is an increase of 0.7 percentage points compared to the previous month’s share.

In the residential sector, Inês Roque, director of the residential and commercial (B2C) district of Endesa in Portugal, says that reaching 10.4% of the stake “reinforces Endesa’s commitment” to clients. “Our strategy is based on transparency, digitization and innovation, and we want to be a clear alternative for Portuguese consumers,” commented the director.

For his part, Juan Caturla, Endesa’s International Client Manager for Business (B2B), noted that Endesa’s market share in small businesses increased to 21.6%, with Endesa’s position in industrial clients also rising to 23.6%.