Einstein (SP) Enrolls in Nursing Entrance Exam 2022/2

Einstein (SP) Enrolls in Nursing Entrance Exam 2022/2

THE Albert Einstein Israeli Faculty of Health Sciences receives from today, April 20, the registrations to the Vestibular 2022/2 of nursing course. Interested parties can register until 8 June.

Join Vestibular 2022/2 Einstein Nursing

The fee is R $ 125 for those who choose to take traditional tests. Candidates who want to take advantage of the Enem 2020 or 2021 grades must pay R $ 50.

This selection includes 40 places, of which 30 for the entrance exam and the rest for those who use the scores of the National Exam of Scientific High School (Nor).

The Nursing course lasts four years and is held in the morning at the Albert Einstein Teaching and Research Center, at the Campus Cecília and Abram Szajman, in Morumbi, in Sao Paulo.

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Admission exam

The Faculdade Einstein Nursing Course Admission Exam 2022/2 will be applied on June 26, from 14:00 to 18:00, in the city of Sao Paulo.

Candidates must prepare an essay and answer 50 objective questions in Portuguese (10), English (05), history (05), geography (05), biology (05), chemistry (05), physics (05) and mathematics (10).

The list of approved candidates is expected to be published on 11 July. Selected students must register within the next two days.

New calls can be made on 18 and 25 July.

For more details, visit this I notify or the Vunesp websiteorganizer of this entrance exam.