Easter week has already increased cases between the ages of 10 and 19 and between 40 and 69

Easter week has already increased cases between the ages of 10 and 19 and between 40 and 69

In the week of Easter, the average daily cases increased compared to the previous week, but over the weekend there were very low numbers. On the 15th the statistics of the Directorate General of Health (DGS) indicate that there were 4832 new cases and 25 deaths, on the 16th there were 7216 and 26 deaths, on the 17th, Easter Sunday, 3165 and 13 deaths, but on Monday there were there were 12,056 cases and 19 deaths, an increase that according to the analyst has to do with the accuracy of the test results. However, he also explains that the reduced number of cases over the weekend has to do with the reduction of tests, which has meant that “we are facing an underestimation of the values ​​of the infected”. Until the time of publication of this text, the DGS had not yet disclosed the number of cases registered on the 19th.

In the 80+ age group, Carlos Antunes says his team’s analysis indicates stability in the number of cases. “For 15 days we have been under 600 cases per day, more than 580, but this indicator must be kept under surveillance, because it is this that also determines an increase or less in deaths”.

As for deaths, data from Easter week indicate another very slight decline in the number of deaths, which went from 28 to 27.7 per million inhabitants in 14 days. What the analyst of the Faculty of Sciences makes comment that the goal of 20 deaths per million inhabitants “is further and further away. At this increasingly slow pace, it goes up to the second half of May ». The daily average of deaths is 20.

For the teacher, one of the indicators that advises a certain caution is the positivity of the test. We are doing fewer tests and the positivity rate is now in the order of 24%, well above the international 4% criterion. However, Carlos Antunes says it is necessary to wait a little longer to see the true impact of Easter, but if the government does not give up the 20 deaths criterion as a target for a political decision, “it will have to wait”.